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Report colors changing when published

So I've noticed that on several occasions when I publish a report to a group, the colors within a visualization will change to something other than what I set them to be. I've specifically noticed these on line and bar charts. 

I try not to change any colors in a visualization from what is set automatically by Power BI. But there have been times where I need to make a change to the automatted selected colors (still keeping within the spectrum of colors available in the default Power BI listing). When I publish the report, the colors that were modified will sometimes change. I have to edit the published report by hand to change some of the colors back to what they were in the desktop file. 


Any suggestions on a fix, would be great. It seems like there's a bug that doesn't allow colors to stay "locked in" when reports are published.


I'm curious to know if others have encountered this.




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This seems like a basic functionality that's lacking.  Why the heck 4 years after this initial post, is this still a problem.  What is the point of allowing themes and customization in desktop if publishing it just randomly changes all the colors?  Sometimes even making colors in the legend the same?!?!@#

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Please edit report in web environment and  try to update colours according to your requirement, save it and check for it.


I see the same issue still and wonder when this issue will be fixed. I see this for pie charts and I try to change the colors again and re publish when i see the colors messed up in the web. It will be good if power bi can retain the colors based on the classification which we use for the data.

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I see this issue in my reports as well and I just use the defualt colour scheme. It is very frustrating when a manager comes to you asking why the colours in your reports are not consistent. I build them consistently in Power BI Desktop, but when I open them in the service they are different and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which ones change and which ones stay the same. I would love to know if this issue is going to be fixed by MS anytime soon.

I have now encoutered the color chaning as well! even though I have set the colors explicitly. I am using 2019 FEB version of PBI and publishing to Premium workspace. Sometime even the Workspace and APP is disalighned. Color problem2.JPG

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I do see similar issue when I publish the report. I have pie chart and clustered bar chart with multiple values, I manually edited the color in clustered bar chart to sync with pie chart. Once I deploy this report these changes are gone. This there any work around for this issue?

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Hi Harin,

I created a bar chart and pie chart from the same dataset and selected the colors.
When published it looked fine.

My thoughts:
1. If you could share more details I might be able to replicate your issue and see if there is a workaround.

2. Is the data for both charts coming from the same dataset? Different data sets? Do the datasets have a relationship?

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Not sure if this was an update - but colors can now be selected for specific levels in a chart and published version remains the same.
For example:
Visualizations/Paintbrush(editing tab):
Categor 1 Colors (Select desired colors)
Colors will change in visual.
Colors will remain the selected color when published 🙂

[Using ZoomCharts]

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I'm having this issue as well. I have a very in-depth report with 28 pages. Certain pages have random line graphs and bar graphs where one color selection (in my case, both are charcoal gray) is going rogue and changing to beige once embedded/published. All are still normal colors in PBI Desktop. 

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That sucks... Question though, do you use a custom colout theme? I wonder if thats whats causing the issue..

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Work around until this issue gets developer's attention: Edit the dashboard color directly on Power BI Service and save. That way the color stays even after published. This works for me because the dataset is auto freshed. If I make any major change to the original Desktop version and publish, all changes I made to the Service version is gone and here I go again...

I have the same issue and your solution worked for me. Once the dashboard is published on the bi service, then I edit colors again (even though they look the same), then I resave it and republish it from the powerbi service. After that, the export link ' colors look correct.

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This is Still happening.    Even in July 2020.  

Yep - I'm experiencing the same issue still. When I make the changes in the desktop file and publish, it all looks normal in the service until I update the app. I think the only way around at the moment which others have identified is to make the changes in the service and save it there. 


Very annoying it is still happening 2 years later !

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If you are still experiencing this, vote for the issue here

I'm getting following message when i clicked on the link.


You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

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Hi Madinenv,

1. Are you working on a Power BI trial (free) license?

2. Are you working on the online version or desktop?


1 - The Power BI free trial has limited options.

2 - The online version user control seem to be more limited than the desktop version.

Hope this helps.

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Still having the issue? I know I am.. 😞

Helper I
Helper I

Still no solution for this...

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I also have this issue. My report looks ridicolous and is practically unusable, pretty **bleep** annoying to say it softly... Smiley Sad

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