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Advocate II

Pulling Quickbooks Data with the beta connector



We are developing a Datamart for Quickbooks, but using the Quickbooks Connector (Beta). Refreshing from Power BI Desktop works just fine.


When refreshing in the services manually or scheduling a refresh we get the following error:

Processing error A request for a connection from the data source pool could not be granted. Retrying the evaluation may solve the issue.


Thank you for your kind assistance.



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Please refer the below links.


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Thank you for your input. I am using QB online, with the BETA connector. Using the APPS doesn't work as it doesn't handle multicurrency. Go figure(!).


The other two posts are related to on-premises QUickbook installs. 


Anybody else pulling data successfully with the Quickbook BETA connector, and not having errors in Power BI Service?



I have been pulling QB data using a automated refresh (on the QBO beta connector).  I have two reports that has work just fine.  They've been in operation since about February. One is solely QBO data.  One mashes QBO and Salesforce.  I have a new report that uses a dataset almost exactly the same as the QBO / SF one above, and yet, I can't get it to refresh.  I get :


Processing error: A request for a connection from the data source pool could not be granted. Retrying the evaluation may solve the issue


For the life of me I can't figure it out.  

Twilbour you never said how you got the QB connector to automatically refresh? I get a similar error. Desktop version works great downloading the QBO connector data but PBI services online will throw that error.


In PBI online I go into the datasets for my report and try to update credentials and it verifies credential just fine. However as soon as I refresh it throws that error.


is the QB connector set up as an App in PBI online and your reports are pulling from it perhaps? Not sure if that is possible and makes sense but thought I would ask.

BI Support has been working on this with me for weeks.  They are supposed to be putting in a bug fix the first week of September to fix this.  I hope it works.  Only one report of mine will refresh.  Any other report, new or old, if it has more than one table, cannot be refreshed on the service automatically or manually.

So the connector stopped working for me on the desktop version. Also I tried to uninstall then reinstall the App on the Power BI online and the QB connector is gone. Is it still working for you? I really need it back as I have so many reports using it.

Desktop is not working for me now UGH!  When I try to refresh I get a request to sign in / edit credentials.  When I do log in, I get a series of script errors.  I can't get out of it.  I alerted the folks at BI support who helped with the service "FIX".  

Twilbour can you tell me what email, website or tech people you are referring to? I will contact this as well. I am getting the Exact same script issues you mentioned on the desktop verssion. What is weird is my employee started getting the issues last week  on his desktop and I just not started getting them this yesterday. I thoguht it might be a cookie/browser issue, but I cleared all that out and still the script issues.


Sorry but glad to hear it is not just me. ;0  Please let me know who I can bug to help speed up the fix.  Thanks again! 

Well, the fix they put into the service was rolled out over a period of time.  They called it a "train".  So it may be that it began affecting the Desktop when the updated happened to the service, and you and your employee are on different nodes (not sure that's what they called them) but they updated at different times.  


For support, I literally used the ? at the top right of the service screen, choose "get help" and scrolled to bottom of that page to open a support ticket.  They got back to me in under 24 hours and have worked with me for weeks.  They have been very diligent in their follow up.

So is your QBO Connector working now for the online version?  The QB app is actually no longer listed as an App for me to add when going to Power BI online. Hopefully this stuff is all realated and will get back to working. One of my other Power Bi Desktops stopped working today.

I have reports on the Service (online) that use the QB Online connector.  They are updating fine.  Its only on the Desktop, when I try to update those same reports, or new reports that use the QB Online connector, that I have the script issue.  I don't have too many other sources that aren't internal/proprietory, so I can't speak to other impacts.

Update.  They are saying the two things are unrelated (the fix that went in, and the new issue of signing in), so I was asked to complete a new support ticket.  That happened today (Friday).  I am in the queue to have a support call so they can collect the "trace logs".  Beyond that, I have no new info.

Thanks for sharing. I opened up a case as well. They said last Tuesday Setp 22nd 2020 then Sept 24th the fix would be in, but now they are not sure when.  The good news is the Online QBO connector is working, just have to work off old data on the desktop version.

That's interesting.  I had a couple of calls with them last week about it, and they told me it was an issue with a security change.  Something about Intuit using IE to call the OAuth2.  They said they had it on their schedule to fix in March of 2021!  It was possible something could happen sooner, but somehow that required Intuit to work with them on it, and they said that that kind of thing takes forever.  They recommended I talk to Intuit to encourgage them.  (ha, ha!).  I hope the answer you got was right, not the one I got.

Hi, Thank you for your hard work on this. Looking forward to test when it is available. It is really annoying just having one table in the report. 



TWilbour, thanks for responding.. would you please let me know if/when they tell you it is ready to test in September. I will give it a shot when they say we can use QBO Connector using PBI online. Looking foward to it working so I don't have to keep refreshing on my desktop and then publishing to my teams channel.  😉



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