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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

This thread was created to gather feedback and communicate over the new Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feature in


Ask questions, suggest features, or leave general feedback. We will monitor closely.



Tzvi Keisar

Program Manager, Power BI



Tzvi Keisar
Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft Power BI
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Would it be possible to Export to PowerPoint (as available in powerBi service) directly from powerbi embeded in a web application?

I looked at in powerbi embeded in my web application and all I see under File is Save & Save as.

I am wondering about this.



In Power BI Embedded we plan to add support to export to an image through API, this way the embedding App developer can decide if to implement export to PDF, export to PPT or export to anything they wish to based on the graular images that can be generated trough the API

Any timeline for that? This is highly anticipated!



Regular Visitor

thanks for reply, Yes, it’s still in preview and has some limitations. what I was wondering is when it moves out of Preview and into full production, will the same menu "File -> Export to PowerPoint (Preview)" shown when in Power BI service website also appear within the embedded iframe when embedded, by default? API maybe further enhancement between Power BI Embedded and the embedding App. thanks

Most chances are it wont show up as is

Regular Visitor

thanks for reply, how would it show up on power bi embeded?

will a link to document available on how to do this (through API) when this feature also available on power bi embeded?



Most chances are showing it will depend on the implementation, i.e the developer embedding the reports.

it is planned for Q1-18 and yes, when it wil lbe available we will also add relevant docs and sample code to help developers make the best of it

Regular Visitor

thanks for reply and the planned time

Regular Visitor

Great feature.

Some questions:

Will the limit off 15 sheets increased?

Which Powerpoint template (.potx) is used to create the powerpoint.

It would be great to have a custom .Potx to be used for the export to Powerpoint.


Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

I am not sure hte 15 pages limit will increase. We do plan to allow selecting a subset of pages, so if your report has more then 15 pages, you will be able to print it.


Also, there are no near term plans to allow custom PPTX. However, the exported PPT is fully editrable so you can add and change hte slides, including the cover slide, post export.

New Member

Hi Can we customised the first page of the power point so it can have  a company logo and  name of customer the power point it created.



we are getting feedback from customers that the exported pictures are being fuzzy. Please make the stuff export as real graphs in powerpoint so there will be no issues with fuzzyness on very high resolution screens...



Frequent Visitor

Thank you for implementing this future.  Currently in-session interactivity is not supported.  Is there a plan to enable this?  When can we expect this?  This feature would be a huge value-add.

Regular Visitor

Hi guys.

I don't see that option, why?

Do I need to apply for it or something like that?




Hi, you have to first publish the report to the power BI online and then click on file and there you have the option.

@tabar My report is already on the Power BI Online 😕 and I dont have that option in any of my reports.

The screenshot is in spanish but u can see the icons.
2017-09-18 10_32_02-Matriz_Riesgos - Power BI.png

It is really awkward. Do you have the latest version of the Power BI desktop? Otherwise write an email to the developers: 

Hi @JonatanNG


Please note that this is really not about how to make a PowerPoint. And what was described earlier (setting a macro) is not a setting in PowerBi, but rather something within any Office program. For example check out here:


This is about the problem that occurs when you have made a PowerPoint from a PowerBi report, that within that PowerPoint it will always have embedded links. So if you open up the PowerPoint and hover over a graph with your mouse, it will show the link to the PowerBi report.


Any suggestions for a non-technical work-around to not have those embedded links are much appreciated.

Hi @tabar,


Are you indicating there is an option to disable embedded links? I would be really interested to find out where this is exactly! Could you let me know where exactly this can be found?

I do not really know if you mean hyperlinks? By the way you can just delete all the links from pictures in power point with some macro. For example create a macro and copy these codes and run it:


Sub DeleteLinks()
Dim oSl As Slide
Dim x As Long

For Each oSl In ActivePresentation.Slides
For x = oSl.Hyperlinks.Count To 1 Step -1

End Sub

Regular Visitor

Hi guys.

I don't see that option, why?

Do I need to apply for it or something like that?





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