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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feedback

This thread was created to gather feedback and communicate over the new Export to PowerPoint (Preview) feature in


Ask questions, suggest features, or leave general feedback. We will monitor closely.



Tzvi Keisar

Program Manager, Power BI



Tzvi Keisar
Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft Power BI
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Advocate III
Advocate III

The feature is great, but it is only available in the cloud.  We create instances of PBIX files in Power BI Embedded so we do not have this functionality available to us. 

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I have some slicers on the report, AttributeSlicers and Slicers, and encounter some problems when applying filters and exporting the filtered report to PPT:


1. AttributeSlicer filter doesn't work with Export to PPT

2. I have pro license, and filtered report through Slicer can be exported to PPT after using 'Save As' or 'Save'; but other people who I shared the dashboard can't export the filtered report to PPT since they don't have 'Save as' or 'Save' under 'File' menu. I am not sure if a pro license is needed for a user to use 'Save' or there's somewhere I can give them 'write' access so that they are able to save the filtered report then export the filtered report.



@Anonymous The slicer selections don't export to PowerPoint currently - we definitely need this! According to MS, adding this functionality is on the road map.


The only person who can have "write" access to a report saved on your account is  you. If you were collaborating with others in a group workspace where the report was published instead of publishing to your workspace, the other group members could have "write" access to the report, but only Pro license holders can have group workspaces. As far as I know, this is the only setup that allows multiple people to have write access to one report.


I have been using the snipping tool to take screenshots of reports I need to export and sticking them in PowerPoint in the meantime. This link is an article that shows you how to have pictures automatically sized to the powerpoint slide size, which at least makes it a little less tedious.



Hi @Anonymous, @alm5084,


for applying fillter in exporting, you could do this workaround solution as below:

  • Choose Edit View
  • Filter data as your need
  • Click save report
  • Download ppt file (the filtered layout will be exported in downloaded ppt)

@tringuyenminh92 @Anonymous This feature is requested for report consumers who want to download the ppt with their filter selections. Report consumers typically do not have edit access to reports, nor can they save a copy to their own workspace. I believe this is by design, as report builders don't want users misusing datasets/reports etc..

New Member

I am using Power BI Desktop Version: 2.45.4704.722 64-bit (April, 2017).

There is no "File" option in the menu bar.

There is no "Export to PowerPoint" in the drop down list to the left of "Home" (I do not know how to call it.)

What am I missing?



The Export to Powerpoint feature is only available for files that have been published to

Regular Visitor

Dear comunity,


I am having a issue when I use the export to Power Point feature. When I Export my report to PowerPoint, it changes the Euro sign (€) to the well known Dollar Sign ($). Is there a way to prevent this from happening? 


Thanks in advance! 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

This is a globalization feature that we did not address yet. it is in our backlog.

@ellbe The ability to export to PowerPoint with slicer selections maintained? Or for end users to save a copy of a report?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Yes, the ability to exportwith slicers is part of the ability to export session level changes on the report, which is also an important part of our backlog.


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Thanks, Guys. Most of my dashboard users don't have pro licens--only core group memebers are currently in the group workspace and have write access to my dashboards. Hopefully we can have the feature to let basic users to export filtered reports to PPT soon.


And, @ellbe, any idea about exporting a filtered report to PPT through custom visual AttributeSlicer? it doesn't work with exporting.



@Anonymous Side note to this particular board - Sounds like our setups were similar, I published all my reports in a group workspace and shared them with non-pro users from there. It worked until about 2 or 3 months ago when Microsoft started cutting off non-pro users from accessing any reports that live in a group workspace (which is a pro feature). I'd check that your users still have access!

Regular Visitor

Is this feature available in Power BI desktop? I have been unable to find it.


If not, is there a reason why it's not there?

@andyloveless This feature is only available on right now.

Thank you for confirming that so quickly!

Frequent Visitor

This new feature is great! However, we have complex reports that have more than 15 pages so this currently won't work for our main reports.


After testing on a smaller report, I have some feedback:


When exporting to Powerpoint, the functionality to select which pages to print would be great. Perhaps a thumbnail view to select the required slides? We have large, complex reports and don't want to separate these into smaller reports so this feature would be brilliant.


We would most likely use this feature to provide a 'moment in time' snapshot of figures (usually carried out monthly). Therefore, it would be beneficial to be able to apply filters to the report that will remain when it is exported to Powerpoint. e.g. we often use a month filter to select a particular time period, we can then compare the data to previous years.


Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Thanks for your feedback!
We are aware of the importance of features you suggested and they are both in our backlog.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi, I receive this message again:


ZeitTue Apr 11 2017 12:29:21 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit)

Frequent Visitor

Love the ease... it just needs to handle background images and shapes better. We use background images for all of our reports (in addition to shapes for aesthetic reasons). Asking the user to remove the background image before exporting to PowerPoint is not reasonable. Our users consume reports from content packs. They would have to create a copy of the report, edit it, and save it just to export it to PowerPoint.


Service and PowerPoint slide screenshots below...




Frequent Visitor

This feature is a must have or anything that would enable to pull a whole repport out of there to share the result as a file or print it.

Unfortunately most of the times I want to use it, I get error 500 😞


Nice to have

  • Port the report page name as slide title
  • Keep background image
  • Send the file to the related Office group document library.




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