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Advocate III
Advocate III

Error in the Service with Refresh - ServerError_DMTS_StandAlone_UserErrorTooManyRequest


We had the following error when a dashboard refreshed - ServerError_DMTS_StandAlone_UserErrorTooManyRequest


When I googled it nothing came up as below - 


Is there anyone who has encountered this issue at all? I have never seen it before.


We are on Power BI Premium - we are careful when we set up are our refreshes etc - is this due to our gateway (Feb 2024) - 


I have exported the logs from the gateway - I am unable to see any obvious gateway errors unfortunately - that are logged - and out of the large number of reports (50 or so) which are refreshed over night - 5 failed with the same issue.  Power BI has always been able to handle this amout of reports before?


When trying to refresh one the reports it is now failing as it can no longer see the gateway connections that are set up on the report - this has not been deployed or changed in a very long time and has been successfully refreshing previously.



Any one have any ideas at all?






Hi all


Update from MS


Email to me

We've determined that a recent standard service update inadvertently contains a code regression that's resulting in scheduled refresh operation requests to unexpectedly fail and impact end users. We're reverting the aforementioned update to remediate impact and we anticipate this process will be complete by our next scheduled update.


On support page


Power BI customers with Tenants located in UK South and North Central US regions may experience failures with Scheduled refreshes. As a workaround, customers can perform on-demand refresh. Engineers are investigating the issue and and a mitigation is being applied, full recovery is expected by 7 AM PDT.

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New Member

We are having the same issue this morning.

Regular Visitor

Same "ServerError_DMTS_StandAlone_UserErrorTooManyRequest" issue being experienced with my organisation.  Have updated to the latest PowerBI Gateway software and issue remains.  Refreshes work fine when manually initiated.

Regular Visitor

I was shocked that google had nothing to show as results . 
Seems like this is still going on 

Regular Visitor

An update from Microsoft:  Power BI customers with Tenants located in UK South and North Central US regions may experience failures with Scheduled refreshes. As a workaround, customers can perform on-demand refresh. Engineers are investigating the issue and an update will be provided soon.

Reference: Microsoft Fabric Support and Status | Microsoft Fabric

Just received the same error. Also get the same error using a manual On-demand refresh. 

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here, multiple semantic models refresh failed starting 6:30 CET today.

Manual refresh usually are ok, but scheduled ones still have error on refresh.

Frequent Visitor

We had a similar issue a few days ago where the credentials were suddenly invalid for every single report. I went through to 'correct them' and everything was seemingly working - until this same error message has struck today. Hope this gets sorted ASAP!

New Member

Same issue

Regular Visitor

same issue

New Member

Same issue 

New Member

Got in this morning to this same issue. Seems to have started around 2 AM CST for me. Even when manually refreshing the schematic model to refresh the data throws this error. Doesn't matter if gateway is used, or direct SharePoint source.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Same issue for us as well since last night. 

Frequent Visitor

I have the same issue, 11 reports all in the same workspace doing the same since yesterday. 


Like everyone else, i can refresh the report manually, or within desktop, without any issues. Its just the scheduled refresh which is causing issues.


Incedently this is the only workspace created with a Premium licence, the rest of my workspaces which are all pro licences are all behaving normally and refreshing without any issues. 






We do not have a premium license, only pro licenses.  We are also getting errors with scheduled refreshes.  

Advocate I
Advocate I

We are facing this issue as well!

Regular Visitor

Same here...

Frequent Visitor

Please try to go to the Settings of the dataset of the dashboard and check credentials. It's possible that you were signed off or/and lost access to the source files area.

Hi Thanks for the reply - I am able to manually refresh with no issues - and checked the same report later and finally saw the datasource - no issues with credentials as I was able to refresh without any problems.

Thanks though.


Regular Visitor

Got same error this morning

Frequent Visitor

I am seeing the same issue here. I have an A5 embedded SKU which supports 80 parallel semantic layer refreshes and all of our refreshes have been scheduled via the API. I have started manually refreshing the 10 datasets in each ofthe 130 tenant workspaces which was going OK but I am now seeing this same error message for manual refreshes.

New Member

Is there any solution for this error, shedule refresh show the above error, but when i give on demand refresh it work perfectly.

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