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Edit DAX after downloading incremental refresh model


I uploaded my pbix to the service in order to have incremental refresh advantages. I then managed to download my pbix but only in dynamic binding mode. I can't even edit the model with the new functionalities (it seems because this function is not available for incremental refresh model). Now I open my pbix in dynamic binding mode on my PC and notice I have to do a little correction on one dax measure, but since the model is not full integrated I don't have data panel nor the classic options to edit a dax measure with formula bar. How can I manage this?



Super User
Super User

You have to enable the option "Open data model" for each workspace separately.
I´m not sure this option has an affect on Datamarts. This option affects only Datasets.
If you use XMLA endpoint on your Datasets this option is also disabled.

Enable "Open data model":


We don´t use Datamarts because it is in preview and we had different issues using it as a trial.
So unfortunately I can not give you my expirience.

Super User
Super User

Hi @AGo ,
by using Premium you can also use Tabular Editor to manage model adjustments, e.g. make changes for measure.
In my point of view best practise for me.
You can connect to your model vial XMLA Endpoint (by using Premium) directly from TE, make your stuff an save your changes directly in Service.
You don´t need to download anything.

ALM Toolkit as @GilbertQ mentioned could also be a good approach, e.g. for model comparison after adjsutments.

Thank you and @GilbertQ for the useful answers , I hoped there was a fully integrated functionality in PowerBI Desktop. It seems that everything is founded on a solution (ALM) that is not guaranteed by Microsoft but created by a domestic business entity. Is there a way at least to create dax columns and dax tables in the service? It seems only measures can be added and I can't insert field parameter functionality anymore.


Yes, you can generate new columns, tables and measures in Service.
There is an option (you have to enable this option to each workspace separatly) "Open data model" (click on the famous ... next to your dataset and look out for it) on every dataset which allows you to gegerate calculated tables, columns and measures in your model in Service.

If you are using XMLA connections (ALM, TE work this way) this option is disabled.

I reccomend to use TE 🙂

Even if in my tenant setting the option is enabled, the Open data model button is greyed out. Maybe beacause Incremental refresh is enabled in my datamart and there are limitations?

Tried to connect with both azure data studio and tabular editor pasting the datamart link but with server unreachable error. Opened both ports since documentation is not very clear "Datamarts use port 1948 for connectivity to the SQL endpoint. Port 1433 needs to be open for datamarts to work.", but still not working and detected some traffic over 2383 when trying to connect from tabular editor. Still can't see field parameter or add calculated dax column anywhere.

Super User
Super User

Hi @AGo 


If you are using Power BI Premium or Power BI Premium per user you can update your current PBIX tool and then use the ALM Toolkit to then update your model where you just deploy the measure.


here are more details: Power BI external Tools – ALM Toolkit – Debbies Microsoft Power BI, SQL and Azure Blog (


If you are using Power BI Pro, the only option is to open your PBIX make the change to your measure. Then upload the PBIX and let the incremental refresh get all the data in again.

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