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Dynamic Format String (preview) - not working in a report live connected to dataset

The new preview feature of dynamic format strings for measures only appears to work if the measure is created within the Power BI dataset.

It will not work if I create a measure in a report which is live connected to a Power BI dataset.

It will therefore also not work if I create a measure in a report which is live connect to an AAS model.


I would like to know if:

a) this is a known issue

b) there is a plan to enable this in reports, not just datasets, so that dynamic format strings can be set on measures stored in the report rather than the data model

New Member

Second this, its already such a powerful feature but hindered currently on this problem

New Member

Wondering the same thing, as this would alleviate a major headache. 

New Member

I was wondering the same thing, would be great to have this enabled for measures in reports.

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