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Custom labels not working in Oct 14, 2023 Power BI Desktop update

For a Cluster Bar chart, the Custom Labels funtionality is not working in oct 14, 2023 update. Version # 2.122.746.0.

Its greyed out and toggling the button on/off does not do anything.

Re-creating a brand new visual and toggling the Custom label button to "On" does not allow to add new custom labels as it did in the previous verisons.


Checked the known bugs page but nothing specifically for a Cluster Bar chart. Very confusing.

If anyone has any ideas, would appreciate some guidance on how to fix.



For a brand new visual created from scratch




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Has this been fixed? The workaround doesn't work if I have the custom data label in "Line y-axis" of Line and Stacked column chart. If the custom data label is part of the "Column y-axis" it's not an issue. 




Hi @Afives522,

This worked for me as follows-
Value section turn of in power bi service and detail section turn on in data label settings. We need to give that custom label column or calculation in the detail section, which is wrongly getting mapped under value section when publishing. 

@jahmed525 please accept this as solution if it is working for you as well. Thanks!


This worked for me, although I had to set "Display units" to None in the Detail tab so that the custom labels would display correctly.


My Power BI Desktop version was 2.124.2028.0 (December 2023)


This worked. thanks. 

More than 3 months, But it looks like Microsoft is not interested in fixing this but instead keep on giving updates where the actual basic thing isn't fixed.

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Hi All,

I am still seeing this issue from Oct-23 to Dec-23 updates.
I don't see now custom labels setting, changed with values in property panel under data labels.

Used a calculated column name scorecard as custom label values, but it stopped showing custom lables(one time) and started showing at each month. In short Custom Labels not displayed.

Same happening in Power BI service as well.





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Hello everyone! 

I'm having the same issue, I can add a custom label with DAX but the label doesn't fit in the correct portion of the bar, i tried to add my custom labels to a line chart (works as i  expected) but when i change to a clustered chart it doesn´t fit with the correct order, 

This bug still happening to you ? we are in the new update of November but for me, this error stil,


Thank you very much!


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Hi All, anyone know if this is fixed yet? 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Switch the visual to a line chart, apply the custom label field then switch the visual back to bar chart.

Thanks!!! It worked out!

Interesting bypass. Good to know something is there for the short term.

This worked for me too! Agreed, this is a wrokaround for a glitch and should not be a long term solution, but as a short term fix, it works! Thanks for sharing!

Hi, it should not be the long-term solution, but it actually works. Thanks!

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Same issue!!

Helper I
Helper I

Same issue, How to fix this?

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Mine will let me add a field, but whenever I click the toggle on it immediately toggles it off again. I do not know why it's doing this.

Having the same issue in PowerBi desktop but does work in PowerBi Service.

Thought I would interject on this topic as I'm also having this issue.....  Hope this helps..




The same thing happens to me for a grouped column chart, it lets you enable custom labels but doesn't let any fields go up in the databox

Super User
Super User

@jahmed525 , it seems like an issue. Not working for me too

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