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FlowChart Showing Movement



I'm trying to make a flow chart that shows movement from one program to another.


For a visualization, I'd like each bubble to be a program, and the several arrows from each Program to the other.


Is this possible?

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@Ki9890 Can you provide more detail? How many levels do you have?


In my mind, you could use a Sankey diagram, however you will not have bubbles. Without details, I definitely think you are looking at a Custom Visual.

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Hey @Anonymous ,


Thanks so much! I've never heard of a Sankey Diagram - let alone heard of one. I'm going to try it out!


I ended up solving my own question - it was an issue of my tables and how I set them up. I neeeded to combine all of them into one master table, and each movement between levels needed its own unique row (from a ---> B. 


I'm definetely going to explore this Sankey Diagram for a visualization. Thanks!

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@Ki9890You're very welcome! Good luck!