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Allow when Publish to web: Filter a report using query string parameters in the URL

The ability to Filter a report using query string parameters in the URL makes it possible to display a report with pre-defined filters, which is helpful... except "Query string filtering doesn't work with Publish to web or Export to PDF."


This is a problem for public-facing reports (which are often based on public-facing open data, such as provided by governments).


Idea is to remove the restriction of "Query string filtering doesn't work with Publish to web"


Example of how this would be helpful: In the Power BI report embedded in this page, it would be nice to pre-filter it based on the city.

Status: New
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Please implement this! 


We publish reports on multiple, related topics. The ability to generate a different url to the same report with the topic pre-selected or to a different page of the same report, would be so helpful to our users (members of the public). The workaround now involves creating duplicate reports so they're published with different default filter values or leaving it as is and hope our users figure it out. 

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@UnderstandFast @elongvt 

Hi both,

Could you manage to handle this?