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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Writeback or add notes to reports?

We have some reports we are looking at building to handle sales.  A good example might be sales by store per department.


In the reprot we would like to be able to add notes at the end user level.


Write back / transaction services/ etc lots of products offer this feature.


The idea being that a store manager could tag the report with notes say per period and go "well this week sales were lower in sunscreen because it was cold and rained all week" (or something like that).


Is there any way to accomplish this with PowerBI?



Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

@OneWithQuestion You might want to have a look at the  a comprehensive service to turn Power BI in to a professional Enterprise Planning and Performance Management suite including a variety of commenting functionality and a dedicated Power BI visual for comments:


Let me know if I can help with further details



Advocate II
Advocate II



Writeback to Tabluar with both Import mode and Direct query is fully support with Visual Planning from Power ON. Thers is a great video here to get you started.


You can also load data from Power BI to SQL with their solutions:


Power ON also has a Table Editor that lets you edit SQL Tables in Power BI Service directly.


Contact info is


Visual Planner turns Power BI into a fully fledged Goal Seek and Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solution.


Note: We support Notes at tuple level in the models as well.


Per Solli

New Member

which products?

@OneWithQuestion Not directly to reports. You can annotate and share those notes on dashboard tiles in the mobile app currently, but it still hasn't made its way to the Service. It is planned.

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