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Visualization Colors changing when publishing to web?

Hi Power Bi Community,


I've build a report in Power Bi Desktop which has been published to my workspace. When viewing the report in my workspace the colors are coming through fine. However when I publish to Web the colors change. I did create a json custom template theme for desktop but I'm not sure that is the issue because the colors are fine in my app.powerbi workspace, it's only when I create an embed code that it goes funky. I've found this similar example which is marked as solved but am not seeing a solution there (

The colors that I've manually changed seem to be pulling through fine, but the ones that I let the custom theme "do the work" it pulls funky colors (pink, teal - probably the native colors?)

The published version is also not pulling the custom image I have on each page (the company logo) but it shows up fine in my workspace.

Any ideas or solutions? Thanks in advance!

Regular Visitor

Still happening in 2024?? And they pretend to spend $10 per month for a product that cant respect user colors???

Advocate I
Advocate I

It's March 2023, I have this issue constantly 😕 Has anyone found a permanent and easy fix? For me it's the default colours in the default theme, and they randomnly change! Also I cannot set the colours manually as we are talking about too many entries here... this would be a huge pain.

Save the theme, then reload it, then publish.  It has worked for me - so far !

New Member

Color's changing when publishing charts is still happening 12/2022

Frequent Visitor

This just happened to me AGAIN.  As pointed out above, this has been an issue for several years.  I have not seen a response from a MS representative, are they even working to resolve this issue?  As mentioned this is a major pain.  

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It's 5/12/2022 and colors in my 6 months-old reports in Power Service changed overnight!  It is a huge problem.  Please re-open this issue and try to solve it.  The report is an internal Microsoft report and I would be glad to share its address with a Power BI SME at Microsoft.


Thank you!

Advocate I
Advocate I

It's 2022 and this issue still hapenning!

Frequent Visitor



I am fighting against the same problem... and it's Jun/2020 !!


I am not even using a personalized theme... I am experiencing this problem while using one of the default PBI themes...


please, a solution is needed!!

New Member

June 2020 is here and still hapenning the issue...

New Member

April 2020 is here and I also am still having this issue. Any updates on the root cause and how we can resolve please? (besides the already listed options).

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2020 is here, this issue still exists...When can we expect a fix?


Best regards,


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I have managed to resolve this issue, it was driving me crazy for a long time. In Desktop, go to the Data Colors properties for the relevant chart that is changing colors/incorrect, then click on Revert to Default. Publish the report and the colors should be consistent. 

Unfortunately this is not a viable solution for me....I don't want to revert to default if I have deliberately set colours that deviate from the default.

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Just to clarify, my solution was when using a JSON theme to derive the Data Colours. You will not want to "Revert to Default" when you are manually selecting the colours in your case.

Advocate II
Advocate II

... sometimes just have to manually change the colours in the service and pretend the publish worked!

Last incident, have a report with 4 pages, 2 pages published with custom colours correctly and 2 did not.

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Still there is a problem. Colors changing when published. However, when I go back to the BI Desktop and change the colors manually and publish it again then it fixes the issue. Hope this helps

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Nope. Still happens every few times I publish something and then I need to go back into the report and manually change each color.

This is still not resolved.


This is definately a bug that I have experienced for over a year or more and I have not been able to find a permanent fix. Definately not a 'working as designed' issue. The problem seems to rear it's ugly head when you apply custom colours to a chart, rather than letting it default select. What's more, after it's been published to service, if I hit F5 to refresh the page, the colours keep cycling around randomly. There seems to be a workaround where you can manually type in the HEX value of the colour (or delete the last character of the HEX and re-type again, essentially tricking it to think something has changed), then on re-publish the colours seem to stick. This is a pain and defeats the purpose of having a custom theme file imported. Please find a fix for this as it's extremely painful and time consuming to fix manually on every visualisation.

Regular Visitor

Hi everyone, I am pleased to report that Microsoft engineers have indeed fixed the problem, and I've been told it was resolved at service level and would apply to all users.

Helper I
Helper I


This has worked for all of my reports that had this problem, try deleting the report from your PBI service and re-publish the dashboard to the workspace. We did this and do not experience the issue anymore, hopefully it works for you too!

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