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Remove pinned dashboard



      I already pinned a dashboard in HR dashboard  and in other dashboard. My question is how to unpin the dashboard?




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Hi Everyone. I had the same need this morning - to unpin a Report Page that I'd pinned to a Dashbaord using the Pin Live Page option.


To unpin such a Report Page from a Dashboard is actually really easy, once you know where to click and when to scroll.


To do this.


  1. Go to the Dashboard you want to edit.
  2. Allow the Dashboard to load. Once it has scroll down to the Report Page you want to unpin.
  3. Move your mouse onto the Report Page you want to unpin. 3 dots will now appear in the top right corner of the Report Page (you may need to scroll right to see these, particularly if you have the Navigation Pane open on the left). Click the 3 dots.
  4. The Report Page should now be ghosted out and you should see a new menu with a yellow bar across the top of it and some icons to the left (you may need to scroll left again to see the icons particularly if you have the Navigation Pane open on the left).
  5. You can now select the Delete Tile icon - which in this case will actually delete the Report Page from the Dashboard, but not the Report Page itself.

Hope that helps


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Are you trying to remove an item(ie. Chart) from the Dashboard OR the entire dashboard ?

I am assuming you only want to remove one item. 


The latest PowerBI update has hidden the delete button.


What to do:

1. Select the appropriate dashboard.

2. Hover over the item you don't want with your mouse. You will see 3 dotted lines appear at the top right of that item.

3. Click on it and you will see an icon that looks like a trash can. This button will remove the item from your dashboard.





Power Participant
Power Participant

@mameyoud Just a screencapture to what @djnww explained above. Find the steps given below:



I will explain you better


I don't want to delete the report  , I pinned it in the bad dashboard , so how to unpin it from this dashboard :

I have a lot of dahsboard as :







I have a report : HR-Report wich contains some pages


by error I pinned one of HR-report in ELKENDI CRM dashboard


how to remove it from ELKENDI CRM and pin it only in ELKENDI HR.


thnx for your help



I have the same problem. I can remove tiles using the trashcan, but I am unable to figure out how to remove a pinned LIVE report. If you figure it out will you let me know too please?

@audrieg The process should be the same... I just double-checked. Click on the "..." in the upper right and you have the option to select the trash can and delete it.

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I have the same issue. I accidently live pined my report twice on a dashboard, as a result, my two page report appears on the dashboard as three-page one. I need to remove the duplicate page, and once I click the dot dot dot button, I was shown the blow page without any trash can icon. Can anyone help?

AshishRj is right. Removing the tile by clicking that little trash can just deletes it from the dashboard. The underlying report will still be there.


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