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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Q&A scatterplot tile missing labels/legends when clicking



Does anyone know why this might be hapening?


"I created a tile with this format on Q&A A vs B vs C as scatterplot by label"


First time it looked exectly how I wanted (with bubble colors for each label) and it looks like this on the dashboard



But when I click on the tile and o to the question even though the question is the same, I get the scatterplot with no label colors



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Helper I
Helper I

Hi @MiguelMartinez 


If the first picture is the result of your question WITHOUT any custom format, it's supposed to be generated the same way when you click on the tile, i've just tried it, when i clicked on the tile, i get exactly the same figure with the same colors as it was genetrated the first time. However, if you make any modefications on the format, then you'll not see those changes when you click on the pinned tile.



No the first one is the custom one..But it is fixed today..When I click the custom format pin tile it reproduces the custom format..

Konstantinos Ioannou
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Probably must be related but when in Q&A format/change colors etc and pin time I click it shows the default again and not the custom formatted..

Konstantinos Ioannou

Custom formatin Q&A and pinned to dashboard




And click the tile to go back to Q&A - default layout




Konstantinos Ioannou

Hi @konstantinos 


This is happening with you because when you click on the tile, the question result will be generated again, so you will not see the custom formats you've done.



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