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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Published chiclet slicer selection requires two clicks

On the Desktop I click once and the selection is highlighted and the data is filtered, as expected.  But the published report requires two clicks for the selection to be highlighted, even though the data is filtered on the first click.  Also, if there is another chiclet slicer, it loses its highlight when something is selected in the first one.  Anyone else experienciing this?

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This issues appears to have been resolved in version 1.1.6

It appears that the chiclet slicer may have been updated without modifying the version control details regarding the "date added"


Version 1.1.6 — Date added 10/27/2015


See earlier posts referring to Version 1.1.5 dated last month ???

Multiselect does not work for me. I updated Power BI Desktop with latest as of 5/4/2016 and Chiclet slicer (1.1.6). 

Yes - I have observed this (incorrect) behaviour with the chiclet slicer on desktop as well with the latest update.

I have an enquiry out to MS for this and a few other issues related to the update.

Just updated ChicletSlicer to version 1.1.9 and it's working with the May update of Desktop (so far, at least).

Just heard from MS after two separate "send a frown" posts.


There is a known issue with the chiclet V1.1.9 (4th June) which they are working on.


Some of the issues appear to be; 

1) Prevents saving of desktop pbix file under certain conditions

2) Causes the selected value on the chiclet to "lock" and not allow deselection

3) When the same chiclet is cut/paste copied from one report page to another, when it is selected on one page, it "locks" the filter on other pages.


I have asked MS to post known issues and any updates to the forum.

Yes - looks like a few of the visuals have been updated on 4th June.

The chiclet has been updated twice since the May update release.

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Thanks!! The problem for me seems solved!

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I'm having the same issue as well. Hopefully its sorted soon as I've had to delay the launch of a new report.

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I've been having the same issue on Desktop since the March update. Multiple selection also doesn't work anymore.


Anyone else?

Same issue with two clicks required, multiple selections and drill down not working since March update.

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In addition to the problem we discussed, we have the problem that leaves choose multiple items. That problem is more important for me. I hope they solve it soon. The default slicer is not as good as the Chiclet Slicer.

Has anyone received a response on this issue or a timeline for resolution ?

Fixed on Desktop here. I had to redownload the ChicletSlicer visual (version 1.1.5) and import it again to my report, clicking "Update" when prompted.


I have no idea if this solves the issue on published reports, though.

Thank you - will try this.

I did get a response from MS to say they are looking into it, and I have requested that they post any further info to the community.

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Anyone have more information when it will be fixed this bug. It is a very important control.

This issue is affecting my group as well. Any idea on a timeline? We are having to replace this visual in all reports due to concern that the user may not know that the slicer is active after first click. It is unfortunate because the stock slicer does not allow drill-down. This slicer is great and I appreciate the hard work in development.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Filter selections do not accumulate as you make selections across visuals.


So if you make a selection on Visual A, and then make a selection on Visual B - the original selection on Visual A is cleared. 


There are some suggestions in the ideas section to allow cross-visual multiple selections. 

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

These are slicers and on the Desktop everything behaves as expected.  The problem is with the published report.  One very obvious behavioral difference is that online I have to click the selection twice for it to highlight (but only once to filter).

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I noticed the same thing, only on-line and it started today. Desktop seems to be fine and I know the on-line chicklets worked yesterday.


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