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Publish dataset error - set up with cloud refresh

I get an error while trying to publish dataset from desktop to workspace.

The error states: "A dataset or report named xxx already exists and is set up with cloud refresh. You can save this file with different name and publish again'.

I've disable 'OneDrive refresh' on the Settings page for the existing dataset but it still throws the error.

Is there a way to disable the cloud refresh (remove/disable the 'OneDrive refresh') and publish from Desktop?


It's not a solution to delete the existing dataset and re-publish from desktop, as this will break everything that uses this dataset.


Advocate II
Advocate II

+1 on this issue. I have thin reports that were connected to PBIX files in OneDrive, but that sync no longer works. If I want to make an update to the report, my only option has been to republish a new report. This isn't the worst situation, as these reports are published within apps, but it does stand to break any user bookmarks since it is technically a new report. 


I tried editing the report in the PowerBI service directly, hoping this would "break" the cloud refresh and store the PBIX there, but it still generates the error. 

Advocate V
Advocate V
Advocate V
Advocate V

I have the same issue. Deleting and republishing is not an option, I'll lose all comments in all related reports to that dataset, I'll have to reconfigure many things like security, many other applications have deep URL links to that reports on that dataset etc...

Is there any way? Has anyone raised a support ticket for this?

The OneDrive refresh toggle is turned off as far as I know:



Super User
Super User

Hi @XchangeVisions ,


This is not related to OneDrive.  What this means is that the DATASET name is already in that specific workspace.  Basically, you can't overwrite the name.  If you are unsure look at the workspace itself and look at all of the datasets and see the one that is the same in that workspace.  If you don't want a duplicate, either rename the one in the dataset or the one in desktop and then republish.

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Thanks for your response.

I downloaded the pbix from the workspace, did some updates and then tried to publish.

So it should just overwrite the existing dataset with the updated version right?

I just want to publish from Desktop and not upload to the OneDrive anymore and wait for it to replace the workspace version.

I figured the Dataset was initially configured using the cloud sync (by someone who left the company) but it looks like I'm not able to change that?

Hi @XchangeVisions ,


It appears that you do want to overwrite since you brought it down, modified it and want the new version to be available.  When you publish the file, then it is in Power BI Service and available there and should be used rather than a .pbix file in OneDrive.


You can change the datasource for your report if that data is in OneDrive.  There are two aspects here, the data is coming from a location (perhaps OneDrive, perhaps elsewhere) and the report itself is a file that is accessed by the users to see the dataset.  This article might be helpful in breaking down the differences between dataset and report.

Power BI – Apps, Workspaces, Dashboards, Reports and Datasets Defined : :: Welcome To EPM Strategy :...



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Proud to be a Datanaut!
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Hi @collinq 


Thanks for your reply.

However, it's is not helping me as I know the difference between a report and dataset.

Hence I find it a bit lame that you plug your own irrelevant blog post to this question.


I just want to know if and how I can fix the cloud refresh error when publishing.

FWIW, it was quite clear to me that you understood this in detail. I have also tried using the REST API (Reports - Update Report Content In Group - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn) to attempt to update such a report to no avail. Very frustrating problem. I wish I could just disable the cloud refresh configuration or force an overwrite. As it stands, there's just no way to update reports with this configuration. 😞 

Actually, I just had success with this method. I was able to update thin reports that I could not previously update by publishing directly from Desktop. This did not break the connection with cloud refresh, but it did allow me to update the report content. 


This does require publishing the report to a different location to be able to serve as the source file. But the REST API could be configured to upload the file from a local PBIX, perform the update and then delete the local PBIX, if you don't want a staging workspace. A definite workaround, but surprised this worked at all. 

Were you able to find a solution to your issue? I'm running up against the same problem. I'd like to stop using cloud refresh and just publish directly to the workspace, but can't find a way to disable it on the PBI service side. 


Nope, I'm still not able to disable it and publish directly.

I found a "workaround" for my situation, but it might not be valid in yours.


My workspace was part of a deployment pipeline. The datasets and reports with cloud refresh were all published in the dev workspace. When that workspace was pushed to test, power bi removed cloud refresh, since the data is local to the workspace. 


What I did was: 


1. Publish all changes to test workspace

2. Removed everything from the dev workspace

3. Used the "Deploy to previous stage" feature of the pipeline to copy everything back to dev and maintain the connections to the reports and datasets in test


I could not find a way to disable cloud refresh otherwise. 


Thanks for this response!
It's not a solution I could use as the workspace is not configured with deployment pipeline,  but this might help others facing the same so thanks for the response.


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