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Problem with SharePoint List in combination with our Gateway

Since 15/01/2023 I have had the problem that I have a sharepoint or another url. Can no longer use it in combination with a DB via our gateway. I can no longer click apply. Normally, a sharepoint in the gateway says 'optional - Add gateway'. But that is also gone, so that PowerBi Service thinks that the gateway is not working. Because normally the sharepoint list is accessible without using a gateway. Even if I add the sharepoint list to the gateway it cannot be mapped to set a data refresh on the dataset.PBI_Problem.png

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The problem has been solved by adding a gateway for sharepoint.

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Please note that we too were experiencing this issue with all of our Sharepoint data sources in our Gateway.  Adding the "/" to the end of the URL in the Data Source URL (when configuring data source in the gateway) did the trick.  Once you do this then the Power BI service will recognize the data source.  This fix does work.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Just found a workaround for this issus in this wonderful forum:

When (re)creating the gateway access, you have to manually add a trailing "/" at the end of the source path.

Advocate III
Advocate III

No assignments possible, as going via sharepoint seems to have changed to mandatory - an error imho

Please MS fix asap/revert back, as we heavily rely on sharepoint lists for various customer reports.

Anyone found a workaround?

We find a solution : we create a gateway for sharepointlist and it works.

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Having the same issue! This needs to be fixed ASAP!

MS is now saying it will be fixed... in a few weeks on Feb 3rd.  Nothing like crippling a product for a few weeks.  This is why there are rollback plans MS...

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We have the same issue with the SharePointList Data Source.

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The problem has been solved by adding a gateway for sharepoint.

Does not work for me, even after adding to the gateway, it is not recognized and tries to have me add it again.  Also this would be a waste of resources to have sharepoint go through a gateway.

Just confirmed with MS that this is a known issue.  Waiting to hear back on a work around as their initial answer of "This will be fixed on February 2nd" is not really a great option...

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We're experiencing the same problem. An existing report has been on the power BI service for sometime and now has stopped working. It appears that the "optional - add to gateway" for our sharepoint connection has dissapeared and now shows "Add to gateway" which manually requires us to create a datasource with credentials. However credentials that we use aren't accepted even though we can refresh the whole report locally on power BI desktop.

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We are facing the same issue. So far no info from MS. 

Helper I
Helper I

Same boat here - dashboards already in the service are working find. However, new additions won't let schedule a refresh based on the same issues. 


Just to ensure this was associated with the Sharepoint Links I removed the sharepoint connections and reloaded to the service and it worked without issue.

Same issue : cannot modify existing project combinating sharepointlist


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