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PowerBi Dataset not showing in PowerBi Desktop



I have created a PowerBi Dataset and Report in a Workspaces of the PBI Service (With Premium capacity).

I'm testing it with two different users:

a) User with PRO licence and added as a Member of the Workspace

This user can see the Report in the service and use the PBI Dataset in the PBI Desktop. So it's working as expected


b) User without pro, added as a Viewer of the Workspace, with build permission added for this dataset.

This user can see the Report in the service, but when I try to use the PBI Dataset in PBI Desktop, the dataset is not being show.

With this user, I've tested the "Analyze in Excel" and it worked.


What could be wrong?


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Hi everyone. I notice that if i click the "Get Data" button on the visuals pane the option shows up, but if I click "Transform Data" and from Power Query I click "New Source" it doesnt show. 

Same for me , It works now. Thank you for the comment 

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Hi There,


I have been trying to enable self service reporting for the business users (Free Users). My scenario is to publish a master dataset in a workspace and business users should be able to use that dataset and do light weight oprations like using fields to build some visuals in Power BI services itself.
So I tried adding them in a premium workspace with contributor access where i have published a the dataset. With contributor access it works as expected but the only turn down is RLS doen't work above Viewer.

When I tried with viewer access with build permission on the dataset, it shows everything shared but lt does'nt let a end user use the dataset to build a new report.
Please let me know if there are any workaround.




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Hi @Anonymous 

Have you created a ticket for this? If so, please give the link so I can add my thumb for this as I'm experiencing similar issue with Build permission.

@V-pazhen-msft question related with this, if a User with Pro license, NOT having access to the Workspace (not added as Member or Contributor or Viewer etc), but given build permission for the dataset.
Is it possible for this user to see the PBI Dataset in PBI Desktop?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to make the user to be able to create a report (both in PBI Service and PBI Desktop) based on the shared dataset inside a "Master Workspace", but I don't want them to see this so-called "Master Workspace", let alone give them the ability to edit anything inside this workspace.

Currently, I can only make it work using a) User with PRO licence and added as a Member of the Workspace.
Giving them Member access means they can do lots of things including modify or delete the dataset completely, which is a risk for IT.


Community Support
Community Support


For test B, it used be worked for me, but this time I had the same issue. I can only see the datasets from my workspace in Power BI Desktop. I was only able to get the dataset using Power BI Service: Get data => Published dataset. 


I would suggest  you to create a support ticket or post in the  issue forum for a quick response. 


Best regards

Paul Zheng


Super User
Super User

Hi there

A user a Free license is not able to create Power BI reports of datasets. They can only view existing data.

If you need a user to create reports they will need to get a Pro license even if on Premium Capacity.

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Hi Gilbert


Are you sure? I wonder because I keep doing some test, and I've added a free user with the "Member" role in a Premium Workspace, and this user can actually access to the Shared Dataset from PowerBi Desktop! (And the user don't even have the Trial Pro license).


In this link, from the microsoft documentation, they say:

"If you're a free user, you only see datasets in your My Workspace, or datasets for which you have Build permission that are in Premium-capacity workspaces."


Also, in this microsoft post, they say that with Viewer Role and Build permission, an user can use Analyze in Excel or export underlying data from the datasets in the workspace.


So i'm confused about how does this shared datasets works..

Facing the same issue. Was anyone able to resolve it?

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