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Power BI Git Integration issue

1. There are some uncommitted objects, but the detailed listing is not showing




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I'm getting same issue, I've tried to disconnect my workspace from the git then reconnect. When I attempt a reconnect I'm asked if I want to sync workspace to git or git to workspace (I've tried both). Still get same error message when I sync them.




Apologies for the delay in responding.

We have resolved a few related bugs, so you should be able to successfully connect your workspace. 

If you are still facing this issue, kindly provide us with recent error logs and a detailed description of the actions you are taking so that we can thoroughly investigate the matter.

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My workspace contains over 80 objects (report and dataset only), i am not sure if it hits the limits or the git sync operation timeout

It might be hitting the commit size limits, but you should get a better error in this case.

were you able to commit all your 80 objects manually in a single commit?

No, I got the error when I initially connected the workspace to git repos. Then, all 80 objects become uncommitted status and show in the list. I have to sync in the batch of 5 items at a time.

However, even I can commit all objects into the repos. The source control status still takes ages to load.


So, is now everything OK? is the problem that it takes a lot of time to load, or something is still not working?

Are you eventually able to work with the workspace and git?

Not really, the source control status never comes back. Even if it comes back with the uncommitted figure, the list can be empty. 

Got it.

If you can share any traces, that would help us investigate the issue.

Please advise how I can collect any traces. Should I share the detail via support email? 

How to collect a network trace | Microsoft Learn

Sure, through support will work best. You can also send directly to me if it doesn't work.

May I have your email address? I shall attach the screen dump and traces for your investigation.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

@lapres it might be a bug.

Can you share a screenshot of the entire screen? and also what exists in the connected branch.



I am not able to share the whole screenshot due to privacy. The connected branch contains all my dataset and report objects. However, I got an error during the first time sync and I have to sync the file individually into repos.


Error msg like this:



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no luck. I leave it for the whole morning and the listing is still not updated

Super User
Super User

Hi @lapres 


Is it not possible that it is updates that are coming through?

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Power BI Blog

I sent my traces and screen dump for investigation. It likely is a bug and the Power BI engineering team is following up the case.

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