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Issue with datamart


We use Datamart to load tables from Excel, SQL Server, and other sources.
However, while it is loading the data, we see the screen below and the message "Getting Import Status" appears for long time. It was initially displaying the name of the table and the number of loaded rows. However, we are just shown this screen right now and cannot determine whether the table is loaded or not.





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I experienced the same issue.

One of the queries produced errors.

Once these been corrected, the message "Getting Import Status" was still hanging for a while.

But after going to the data and refreshing it, it turned that the query was processed correctly.

Hi @Mikhail_A ,


That's correct. But, we will not know if all rows are loaded unless we manually go and check the data. Before, it was showing number of rows loaded. Now, we don't know as to how long we need to wait for the tables to load.


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We have seen same behaviour and raised an ticket with support. They have acknowledged that this is an issue within product and told us that porduct team is working on it.

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Hi @pratyashasamal ,


If that's the case, how do we know if its loaded ?

Before it used to show table name and number of rows loaded.

But, now it just says "Getting Import Status" and we never realise if it is loaded or not.


Is there a way we can figure out if the applied changes is loaded or not?


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@pratyashasamal okay, but it doesn't show if it is loaded or not , it takes more time and   Power BI Vertipaq engine will be taking all the dataset and comprises right?

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Impactful Individual

Yes thats right

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Impactful Individual

Hi @pvn ,
This issue may be happening because the datamart uses DirectQuery to the underlying database (SQL Server), while the other report uses the Power BI Vertipaq engine which is super fast.
Thanks ,
Pratyasha Samal 
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