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Issue with Filter by List by Devscope Visual

There is a helpful visual I use to allow users to paste in a list to be filtered on. The visual name is “Filter by List by Devscope”. This has always worked perfectly. It still works normally for me, but I had 2 users report issues with it this morning (June 4th, 2024).


Normally it looks like image1. 

The issue the users reported today is that it looks like image 2 and does not work. The users who reported this tried it on both Edge and Chrome and it was doing this on both.

What is the cause of this issue and what can be done to fix it?


Image 1:



Image 2:


Regular Visitor

I found a solution that is currently working for me (I'm on PBIRS January 2023 version).  This youtube video got me pointed in the right direction:


If you have a PBIX file with a previously working version of the FilterByList visual, you can

  1. export a template of your dashboard (PBIT). 
  2. Then you open the PBIT template file in 7zip or Winzip and find the 'FilterByList507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723' folder within Reports>Custom Visuals. 
  3. Extract the files within and repackage/zip them up as a new file ending in pbiviz (e.g. CustomVisual.pbiviz)
  4. Back in your PBIX file, in the Visualizations pane, select ... and then 'Import a visual from a file'
  5. Select your newly packaged pbiviz file and you should get a messaage 'Import successful'

Between steps 3 and 4, I did something that I'm not sure is necessary.  I read in this thread about the need to modify all references of a 'guid' variable throughout the files in the FilterByList folder.  I might've done overkill on this, but I'll try to explain. 

  • The folder inside the PBIT file was named 'FilterByList507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723' so I appended that name with 'XX' to become 'FilterByList507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723XX.'
  • Within the folder is a file 'package.json' - it contained a 'guid' variable and also another reference to FilterByList507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723.  In both cases I appended the values with 'XX' 
  • Within the folder there is another folder 'resources' and a json file called 'FilterByList507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723' I appended the 'XX' to that filename as well.
  • I opened that file and did a find/replace on all references to '507A2DBEC31244C8AAABDE9BA541F723' in order to append them with 'XX' - there were probably 5-10 of them.
  • I saved all those changes to the files before extracting/zipping them.


Anyway, good luck and you can PM me if you need any help.

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New Member

I face issue from yesterday , where my published reports  showing the below message " this visual not supported 


tried to update.

bought one licenses also with same issue



Advocate I
Advocate I

Found an impartial solution - you can load the old version of the visual but Im not able to sync across pages yet.


You can download the old version here: Power BI Custom Visuals - Filter by List (


then going into File -> Options and Settings -> Options -> Current File ->Report Settings -> Develop a visual and click it so you can override the version. Import the old version of the slicer, on the pop up that asks whether to use appsource version click the one that says use local version

@AMarks @powerbizb77 @mhammersness @v-linyulu-msft 


Any chance any of you have a later version of the visual, like a 2.0 version? If you share than maybe we can revert this functionality

I was able to find a 2.0 version and loaded it successfully in PBI Desktop. I loaded it into two tabs, and sucessfully was able to sync it across tabs. All normal functionality was restored. However, after publishing to Report Server the slicer broke - instead showing 'this isnt available in this environment' aka it stopped working.


Crappy part is, even the paid version wont be supported in our PBI Report Server environment per this link License models for Power BI AppSource visuals - Power BI | Microsoft Learn, and Microsoft doesnt plan for this to ever be available. No license management.

Can you give link to 2.0 version. I want try on PBI service

I dont think Im able to upload files from my work laptop. In the meantime, if you load this version to a page, it should allow you to test if it will error out post publishing. Power BI Custom Visuals - Filter by List (

Hi! Can you give link to 2.0 version? I think there is a way to avoid updating to 3.0 version.

Request is not actual.  

You can extract version two from old pbix file using 7-ZIP (Do not open pbix  before extracting to avoid updating!)

2. Modifie both json files (to eluminate updating)

3. Inserted code into pbiviz file in (using 7-ZIP)

Advocate I
Advocate I

FYI I just heard back from the developer. Unfortunately, I feel this is a bad move. I asked them to rerelease the old version if possible for those who dont want to upgrade, or at a minimum increase the free level to 100 values.   Either way, looks like they are fixing the sync issue but this has brokem so many of our reports


Thank you for contacting Devscope.
Regarding your issues:
Our technical team is working on fixing the issue with the sync filters between pages, and improving the sizing of the text box of the custom visual.
On the free version, you can always use it, but now it has a limit on the number of values you can use to filter - 20 values.
If you choose to purchase, you'll have no limitations and you can try the licensed version for the first month for free.
More information here: Filter by List - Plans + Pricing
Best regards,
Support Team

What a horrible decision by their management. No warning, just removing functionality and making a free product, one that was free for 2-3 years, paid out of nowhere. Would make sense if they charged from the start, but corporate funding is slow even for small amounts and this will break who knows how many teams and reports globally. This decision will forever make me distrust any product from DevScope.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Im also facing the same issue. Not havjng sync across tabs breaks some of our most important reports. I emailed their support. Waiting for options. Hell, id even pay to keep the functionality but having to pay for a product thats worse than the free version is wild. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

With the new paid limitations (and the fact that is currently doesnt sync), does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement?

I found a month ago that Mass Filter seems to have supported sync across tabs previously but cant recreate it now (2) Re: How can I filter by a list of values? - Microsoft Fabric Community

yea, i found that filter too but cant get it to filter across pages.   AAGGHH

Idea - is there a way to load the old version but make it so it doesnt auto update to the new version? I can download the 1.0 version here but when I load it it immediately updates to the newest version. If we could block the update from happening then it would still work.


Power BI Custom Visuals - Filter by List (

It worked a month ago, and hasnt released another version since then. Somehow, it just broke. We didnt update PowerBI either

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am having the same issue. it looks like the developer updated the filter on 5/31 and it has automatelly updated my reports.  the 2 questions/issues i have noticed are:

1) It does not appear to support sync across tabs. If the slicer is on the same tab, it appears to work fine, although when you switch to another tab and return, the values in the list are no longer there (but its still sliced)

2) I am having a hard time understanding from the developer if this will still be available as a free version.  It seems like they want to move to a pay per user model


if you figure out what is happening or how to get these to work, please let me know!




Community Support
Community Support


Regarding the issue you raised, my solution is as follows:

1.In order to reproduce your error scenario, I ran the following tests:

First I downloaded the visual object in the following version:


Here's the table I created:


The following is the test result I uploaded to the service:


According to my actual observation, there is no scene of your error.

2.The solutions we can give are:

First, you can check if the version of the custom view object you are using needs to be updated.



Second, you can also try to uninstall the view object again and then install it.


Finally, you can find more useful help information in support on the view object page.


Here is the link:

Contacts - dev>scope (


Please find the attached pbix relevant to the case.

Best Regards,

Leroy Lu

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

The version you are showing here (2.0) is the previous (working) version that my organization was using previously. The update that was just pushed through in the last couple of days is now 3.0 and does not work AT ALL like prevously.  There appears to be some row limit to what you can paste into the filter or the users get an error with "upgrade" when trying to paste large lists in here.

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