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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

How to prevent unwanted access to SSAS source?

I have a typical fact table with dimensions Project, Profit Center, etc


In a report, I have a table visual that shows individual numbers; and another table shows the department numbers…


It looks something like this:


(Left: personal numbers. Right: department numbers)




My goal is that Tim shouldn’t be able to see someone else’s number, but he definitely can (and should) see the aggregated numbers for his department.


I realized that someone accessing from PowerBI or excel can connect to the model and play with the tables, pick another name and see someone else’s number, therefore I have hidden most tables...


But now, I just realized, someone with access can connect from Visual Studio to the SSAS:







The person can open the .bim, unhide all tables, and with the “analyze from excel” option in VS see any numbers…


Is there any way to avoid/prevent this?


More info:

My model:


(Project table has columns Lead1,Lead2,Lead3,Lead4,Lead5 and Lead6… Engagement Role is just an unpivot of this).



On my left visual I have:



(triggering a more restrictive access).







Super User
Super User

Rather than hiding the tables, you need to create roles to filter the access for resources based on his/her use case.

That's not the best link since Multidimensional doesn't work in Power BI. Here's the right one:


@ovonel you could also use perspectives to define which subsets of your model are viewable to your model, though that's not meant to be a security mechanism:


Both roles and perspectives are an inheritance from SSAS so they're Power BI Premium only. If you need the equivalent in Power BI Pro, you'll have to implement a combination of RLS and OLS.

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