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How to allow self-service while using apps instead of content packs?

I'm still struggling to understand the change from content packs to apps and how this will work in the world of self-service BI.  As I understand it, reports built and distributed via apps are read-only and the end user is unable to customize or build off of them.  This seems (to me) a step backwards as it requires a centralized team to create reports for all end-users instead of allowing users to find their own metrics. The below is how we manage this today via content packs, if anyone can advise on how to continue working on this capacity in the future it woudl be very helpful. 


Today we have a core set of report developers that understand database concepts, security concepts, and deep knowledge on Power BI.  They create data sets and "high level" reports in a shared workspace.  Content packs are created around certain areas (we'll use Sales for an example).  End-users are assigned to the Sales content pack and can view the generic high-level report.  However, to minimize report work for our core developers we have trained end-users on how to "copy" that report to their personal workspace.  From there they can slice it to whatever is only pertinent to them (or add a couple fields/visuals) and save it.  That way the next time they log in they can have a report that only contains what they need.  We've tested and made sure all row-level-security and report updates flow-through to these copies of data sets.  


As I understand it, two things will happen if we move to apps. 

  1. End users won't be able to make custom views of "standard" reports.  Meaning all customized views/changes will be pushed back to the core developers adding to their work-loads and the need to create multiple apps for specific groups. 
  2. Workspaces and apps now have a 1:1 relationship.  Therefore we can't develop multiple reports in the same workspace (off the same dataset) and share via different apps.  Today we have a Sales content pack and a Profitability content pack that have very different reports but use the same dataset as a source.  

Any help here navigating this change would be very helpful!  Thanks!



Helper II
Helper II

I'm having the same exact problem


My developers create reports and until now, they delivered to users through content packs. Later, users started working with the reports, applying filters to several dimensions and when they found something interesting, they "copied" the report with those filters in order to save the analysis. 


This simple feature is not possible with Apps. 


Is there any place to review the apps features roadmap ? Is there an idea to vote up to add to apps the ability to copy or edit reports ?





German Viera
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ChrisDC83,

For your requirement, current power bi app seems not support these features. You can share these reports to ideas foruma to improve power bi app.

BTW, if you publish the original report to team workspace, all your team members can use this dataset to create their reports.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Which is why I'm struggling with the notion that content packs will be going away.  Today this functionality exists but it sounds like it won't in the future.



Hi @ChrisDC83,


Current these are no document mentioned the detail deadline about content pack, so I'd like to suggest you share ideas to help improve power bi app.(it will instead the content pack)



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

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