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Direct Query refresh doesn't work -SQL server

Hi all,


The setup we have is we have VMs with SQL server sitting in Azure. I've a gateway deployed and working. 




It's working perfectly fine for all scheduled refreshes where datasets use import functionality rather then directquery. I've also recently updated it just to cover off that possiblity.


My issue is that the data doesn't refresh in the REPORT section even tough the dataset seemingly refreshes succesfully.



When I click the refresh button on the report - it doesn't refresh. When I force the dataset to refresh by clicking on refresh now - the refresh is completed but the report still doesn't display the new data.


If I refresh the pbix file from PowerBI Desktop it works perfectly.


I've searched all forums and can't find a solution - HELP! 


@Anonymous This could be an order of operations thing, are you refreshing the dataset first, then refreshing the report?

The dataset has to be refreshed prior to the report, they are two different refreshes. The report refresh should happen when you have it on a schedule, but if you are manually refreshing, you need to do it in order.

If it still isn't working, I would say that is a bug.

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