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Direct Query for Power BI Datasets cannot display visuals for one of the datasets for App viewers

I am connected to 2 power bi datasets through Direct Query with the new Dec feature.


I have granted the users access to the app as usual.

The problem is that they can only see data from one of the data sets.

If I give them access to the workspace as members, then the visuals show up fine, but that's not what I want because now I cannot enable RLS with them being members of the workspace. 




Super User
Super User

Hey @JensG ,


All user accessing the app must have read permission (this is not the same as the security configuration) on all involved datasets, this assumes that all involved datasets are residing in a Premiumn workspace. If this assumption is wrong, then these users also need build permission, at least this has been the case for quite some time.

Providing read access does not require assigning users to the workspace itself.


Hopefully, this helps.



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Hi Tom,

thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately this App is not on a Premium Workspace.

As I´m not willing to give all app users the build permission, I copied the underlying power query also in that other report. Now it is working but without having the benefit of reusing a dataset.



Advocate I
Advocate I

I´m having exactly the same issue, is there any further update on this?


Other then rebuildig and avoid using direct queries within Apps, even if the direct query source is used and published via same App?

New Member

Hi @dcao , we are having the exact same issue where the user has to be a member to view but then RLS doesn't work. Have you found a way around this?

I did notice the below in the limitations, but as far as I can tell we are on the new workspaces:



New Member

Hi @dcao ,


Have you ever figured out if it's possible to enable directquery a dataset shared through an app?


Kind regards,


No, I just stopped using the direct query feature and went back to just sourcing my reports from 1 power bi dataset (live connection). 

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

We are experiencing this same issue. We are not using RLS at all. We are testing out Using DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services (preview).


We have DatasetA and DatasetB, both in WorkspaceX. And WorkspaceX is in Premium Capacity. We created a new "Test.pbix" file with a live, "Power BI datasets" connection to DatasetA; and a live, "Power BI datasets" connection to DatasetB. And we combined tables from the two datasets in a single data model in "Test.pbix"


It works in Power BI Desktop. I published "Test.pbix" to WorkspaceX, and I can view the report in the workspace. I added "Test" to the app in WorkspaceX and updated the app. I can go into the app and view the report, and it works. Also, everything works for other users who are members of WorkspaceX and have Pro licenses.


However, for our users who are not members of WorkspaceX and don't have Pro licenses...when they open the report in the app, they get an error on any visual that has data from DatasetA ("Can't display the visual"). But if the visual has data only from DatasetB, they can see it just fine.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @dcao 

I think the key answer to your issue is the link you provided, There are multiple limitations



Are you applying one of those limitation to Dataset A?

Another quetion that came to mind, are Dataset A and B connected via the same Gateway?



Amine Jerbi

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @dcao 

Yes you can deploy RLS to the datasets. The Row Level Security needs to be set in Power Bi desktop though.


Amine Jerbi

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Frequent Visitor

Hey Amine,


Yes, but what I meant was that I'm connected to 2 power bi datasets.

However, one of that datasets is giving blank visuals for users with view permission to the app.

If I give them access to the workspace as members, then the visuals work. I don't know why, but I don't want that because now RLS will not work because they're member of the workspace







Hi, @dcao 

Maybe you just forgot to manage security on your model .

Datasets->Security->Row-Level Security-> select  one of the 'role'  you create on PowerBI Desktop -> enter the Members' email addresses to assign the  role


For more details , please refer to this document.



If you are using Dynamic RLS ,please recheck your \userprincipalname formats.





Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

I don't think you guys are understanding my issue. 

The problem is that I have reports connected to 2 power bi data sets ( Direct Query for Power BI Data Sets). My users have view access to the App. The visuals from 1 of the power bi datasets are not showing up in the service, but if I give them access to the workspace as memebers, then the visuals show up fine.

However, I don't want them to be members of the workspace. I just want them to have view access to the app. 

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