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Dataflow - Only headers

Hello All

I am really not sure what I am missing. I have read lots of things about Dataflows and Datasets but there is a point I guess; which I am missing.
I have three Excel files on Sharepoint. They are different files with different columns.  .xlsx"  .xlsx"  .xlsx"

All I want is; to create a Dataflow and a user connects to Dataflow; they will see those three files in their query editor. That's all.
When I do that, very strange; only Headers of tables come to my Power BI desktop.

Is there anyone with a suggestion? Should I use a different setup, like datasets or something?
Or a different idea. I am close to losing my mind.


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Hello Christine,

Thank you. My hands up! I will swtich to Dataset.

I am already watching your videos as well.😊

Cool!! I forgot to mention that it depends on what people are going to be doing with the data - if they need to be combining it with stuff from other sources, then dataflow is actually better, even if it only has 3 rows. Lol. 

Super User
Super User

The data inside the files, or the files themselves? If you want a list of files and their metadata, you would use the OData connector (here's a tutorial for that: A dataflow would work, you could also just use a published dataset that the users have build permission on. A dataflow would be a bit overkill for this. 

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