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Data not showing by visitor, but shows for me

Hi everyone, 


kindly need help for my BI report. the problem is, if I myself open the power BI app that I created, the data showing and no problem.

but if everyone from my organization open the app, the data not showing.


I get the data from another powerBI dataset which is accessible to everyone in organization.


view if I myself open the app.



view from visitor of my app

MicrosoftTeams-image (28).png 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Permissions is likely the culprit. 

If the user didn't not have model access, you'd receive a different error. 

If the user did not have report access, it would not appear. 

If the user did not have app access, they would not get to this page.

This makes me suspect you are using Direct Query and the user does not have correct permissions at the data source.  I would try 1 of 2 solutions:

1.  Get the user access to the data source  (database level permissions)

2.  On the 'edit credentials' screen for this data source, uncheck "Report viewers can only access this data source with their own Power BI identities using DirectQuery".  Be aware this will bypass row-level security and might be an issue.

Hi Ross,


thanks so much for your reply. Im a total newb for this..

I have searched how to do the solutions that you give but can't find any instruction to do that. could you please help me again to find the instructions to do your solutions 

First thing to do is figure out if you are using Direct Query.  Open your model in Power BI Desktop and click on the data tab (left hand menu with 3 icons. Data is the middle icon that looks like a grid).

If you are in import mode, you'll see rows of data.  If you are in direct query, you'll get a message saying that.


If you are in direct query, identify the source that populates the tables that you can see but your user cannot.  Once you know where the data comes from, speak to the data owner about the permissions.

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