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New Member

Cannot load datamart



I am trying to open a datamart that has previously worked, however I am getting the fallowing error message. I have checked the sources and they work. 


Internal error

We failed while handling this action: [Datamart Model] Load datamart succeeded

Please check the technical details for more information. If you contact support, please provide these details.Hide details
  • Underlying ErrorTypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isBiObject')
  • Activity IDcee3f956-3fd4-45f4-9601-180274302359
  • Correlation ID2311190c-ab6a-08c2-7293-ef0b88c1764d
  • Request ID9b16987e-e88a-ca52-4052-6cc04e6828e7
  • TimeTue May 02 2023 14:56:53 GMT+0200 (centraleuropeisk sommartid)
  • Service version13.0.20582.61
  • Client version2304.4.13502-train
Frequent Visitor

Hi @HanyGC @prajjvalRajvans @sqaar__  i found that using deployment pipelines is a safer way to use datamarts. I have previously been strung by the "sorry you are going to have to just recreate the datamart".  So if you work all you new developments in the middle (test) workspace and it fails. You can just redeploy your first (development) phase over the top of your broken workspace. Then you havent lost all your work.  

Hi @Kieran_Ultra_23 you are right it sounds safer, but what about if datamart at development fails (1s stage)? I'm not sure about the rest, but my datamart, just failed w/o any changes, at Friday I deployed changes in the datamart, the report was successfully refreshed, application was updated, but then on Monday, I couldn't open the datamart.

Hi @sqaar__ ,
I noticed one thing. The thing is that we created one table, and it was appearing in DataMart till this weekend but suddenly it disappeared at the first stage while it is showing in the dataset and the database too. We saw similar thing in past too and there are two things that you can do -

1. If you make the same query again and it lead to the issue cannot load datamart.

2. You do not do anything and wait for it to again behave normally. We took this way and everything is ok from yesterday.

NOTE :- We experienced some slowness in datamart on monday and tuesday. My assumption is that Microsoft team was doing some deployment for datamart and that's what causing this issue.

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue with three datamarts. Between this issue and ongoing issues with dataflows I am starting to loose confidence. I hope the full rollout of fabric will resolved these issues.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @HanyGC ,


This could be caused by various reasons, such as a custom visual, a JS error from Power BI Embedded, or a data source issue.

Some possible steps to troubleshoot this error are:

- Check if you are using a custom visual and if it is compatible with your Power BI version.
- Clear your browser cache and cookies for and
- Refresh your data source and make sure it is connected properly.


You can refer to the similar posts that may be helpful to you:

Unable to access or open datamart - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best Regards,

Neeko Tang

If this post  helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution  to help the other members find it more quickly. 

Helper I
Helper I

I'm facing same...

Underlying Error: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isBiObject')
Activity ID: 6c862373-13b8-4323-a8dc-99a656b2c727
Correlation ID: 2edda9c0-8d80-5b77-72bd-c8ee367bd18d
Request ID: 86625bdb-73ec-fe32-2164-edbfe90a102d
Time: Thu Jun 01 2023 08:49:26 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
Service version: 13.0.20772.76
Client version: 2305.4.14049-train
Cluster URI:


So still even Microsoft, can't restore the previous version of datamart? From the previous day which was working?




Regular Visitor

So additionally, I was wondering if there is some form of version control in place. Is it possible for us to revert to a previous, functional version of the datamart? Any guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.


I'm experiencing the same challenge with the datamart - despite following the established repair and refresh protocols, it is currently unresponsive and unavailable. Looking in the developer tool is see the error 403 (forbidden). The current advise is to recreate the datamart which can be a big setback if you have put a lot of work in creating the Datamart. 


Helper I
Helper I

I have the same issue.



Error subyacente: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isBiObject')
Identificador de actividad: 79306ddb-f787-4489-8c05-c8c751b8622d
Id. de correlación: 8ae6c81f-89a9-8ef9-ab9a-692255e874ea
Identificador de la solicitud: 5d018446-5120-dd31-09dc-e52272b3ecd9
Hora: Mon May 22 2023 18:51:25 GMT-0400 (hora estándar de Chile)
Versión del servicio: 13.0.20726.71
Versión del cliente: 2305.3.13975-train
URI de clúster:

Frequent Visitor

Hi. I am facin the same issue. Should I create a complete new datamart?

I spent weeks to create...

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @war4ct,

unfortunately creating new Datamart is currently the only option as far as I am aware. To retrieve Queries I have found an approach using either Postman, other API tool or Edit and resend option in Inspect (Developer tool in browser).

Start with navigating to list of Reports, Datasets and Datamarts.
- Rightclick > Inspect (Developer tool) > Network > select 'Diable cache' and 'Preserve logs' > Clear
- Click on warning icon '!' next to Datamart name and wait for Datamart unavailable error
- Collect Bearer token for auth. For getting the auth token, under the 'Headers' tab, scroll down 'Request Headers' section. Copy the value of 'authorization' field (right click -> 'Copy value'), should not be necessary as we are gonna resend same request and auth should be there

- Locate the /v1.0/myorg/groups/<[groupId]>/datamarts/<[datamartId]>?$select=etl,xmla,views API call (use Workspace and Datamart ID accordingly or filter by =etl,xmla,views)
Right click on the failed API call > Edit and Resend


- Edit the value so it is just 'etl' <-- etl is the dataflow definition which can be used to recreate the datamart - if no Key $select is present you can either add it together with value etl or just remove ,xmla,views from URL directly


- hit Send
- if the response will be success you should be able to search the response and find all the queries from your Datamart



Frequent Visitor

Hi @Salasaga ,
I reached out to microsoft support and the best thing you can do is to recreate the datamart. There is no way of working with the same datamart. So, If I were you, I would look into recreating the datamart. Also, look at the unsupported datatypes in dataflows - Dataflows Limitations, restrictions and supported connectors and features - Power BI | Microsoft Lea.... It maybe the issue that your datamart is giving the issue. 
I hope it helps you.

Frequent Visitor

I am facing the same issue, is this issue resolved? The whole DataMart is stopped, and I cannot make any changes to DataMart.

Internal error

We failed while handling this action: [Datamart Model] Load datamart succeeded -
Underlying Error: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isBiObject')
Activity ID: 04f45921-af25-42b5-8565-a97fe1af34cf
Correlation ID: 45ae9b61-8af7-db24-d601-bf37bf55d786
Request ID: 1cd81761-1f85-dbae-c3af-bcc95434e3f5
Time: Wed May 03 2023 10:41:16 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
Service version: 13.0.20582.61
Client version: 2304.4.13502-train
Cluster URI:

I am facing the similar issue, anyone please help!


Underlying Error: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isBiObject')
Activity ID: db9c00c4-b343-42c5-b131-266eee3fb994
Correlation ID: 2f0ea9e6-aefd-84ed-d29e-c7994c486529
Request ID: 2810fddf-fe98-87fb-4ad6-555355a5d3a7
Time: Tue May 09 2023 17:21:50 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.20626.62
Client version: 2305.1.13619-train
Cluster URI:

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