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Bypassing RLS for a specific user for a particular tab/sheet

Hello, I have seen multiple requests to have a page level security in Power BI to restrict the data access. I have a similar but more improvised request/idea. I have applied dynamic RLS based on the username and users can see only the data that has been granted access in their specific role. However a slight improvement will be really helpful. Please see below for the proposal/requirement. While the RLS is applied and restricts data visibility only as per the roles created and the username, (based on hierarchy), it will be great if a user from the lowest hierarchy is able to see the complete data for a specific page/sheet bypassing the RLS applied for that username on that sheet only. The RLS will remain effective for this user on all other sheets unless specified to bypass on a particular sheet. Is there a work around for this? If not please have this feature discussed added as per the feasibility. Thank you.

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Super User

First of all it is not "page level security"  - it is page visibility filtering based on RLS. 


You either secure your data or you don't. There no such thing as "a little bit of security".  Your request falls into that "a little bit"  category.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand about the need and intention for the RLS however my requirement is that the member of the lower heirarchy has some additional resposibilities where he will need to view the complete data and not restricted to just his in a particular tab. All other tabs works perfectly fine as per the business requirement and the RLS restrictions. This one tab should give complete access to this one user alone bypassing the RLS. Any workaround is much appreciated.

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@GilbertQ wrote a blog post on this using a combination of Row Level Security (RLS) and conditional formatting

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@AnonymousThanks for the link. However my requirement is different. Lets take this example. The RLS applied restricts the users to see only his data. So every user has access to only his data in all the sheets based on the username( ). Now my additional requirement is I just want one user to be able to see all the data in a specific sheet irrespective of the RLS. The remaining sheets still restrics this user to see only his data but this one particular sheet should give him access to all the data. Any suggestions?


@lbendlinI hope the above explanation helps you to understand the requirement better. 

You can give write access to dataset for that user and read, reshare access to dashboard. This will give him access to all data.

Do not allow reshare!

Tell your business users (in nice words) that their requirement makes no sense.

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@lbendlinWell I wish I could take business descisions. Anyways thanks for your time.


Anyone else with any idea or workaround for this requirement?

Change the RLS rules for all roles that user is a member of, or create a separate role just for them.

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