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Best Approach SharePoint data / Power BI / Excel / Power Pivot / Power Query / Charts

Hello, I need help planning a best approach, please. 

What I Have:

A multi-tabbed excel file where current month data is pasted for pivots & charts & ultimate powerpoint presentation to execs. The reports range from 12 month trends, budget v actual, simple pies, ect.   From a realtional point of view, majority of data only shares the roll up to Division/Company. 


What I Need: 

Sharepoint as the data repository, so various departments can paste in their current month data. <-- required approach

Refresh the charts automatically (i.e, too use newest monthly data and 11 months prior). 

Then manually cut & embed them (no linking allowed) into the PowerPoint. 

Eventually, this chart and other excel dashboardy data will need to display on Sharepoint pages - so need an approach that expands easily. 


Should I use Power BI? Keep it all in Excel with Power Pivot & Power Query & link to the Sharepoint data? How might all those new Sharepoint Apps fit?   I need to figure out a straighforward approach. I do know SQL but not VB. I'm happy to learn new stuff, just can't waste time going down the wrong design path.


I know it's a lot to ask, but I need to talk through this with someone.  Any help is appreciated.

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Good thought.  I will protect the worksheet and perhaps add some data validation rules.

The good news is doc versioning is already configured. I prob set up a final snapshot folder which contains a the exact copy that was presented to execs for that week/month.

Thank you for you help! 

Super User
Super User

The single most important thing you need to consider is format stability. Will your file editors be able to keep the structure of the file in a shape that will not break the downstream processes every single week?


So it's not so much of a technical question, more a communication/education question.


One other thing:  You need to be crystal clear about versioning.  Highly recommended that you enable that for the sharepoint document library, but it does require some planning (and ample space).  Or maybe your business users don't care about the previous weeks'  data snapshot?

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