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Anyone else having difficulties with report visuals?

Good morning.  Not sure what has happened to the web based service overnight, but the visuals are not reporting data correctly in some instances.  For example, the gauge visual is showing correctly when I have only VALUE and MAXIMUM VALUE populated. (see below).  But when I add a TARGET , the actual VALUE is not represented correctly on the visual.



Sum of value = $14.52K

Max Value = $32.21K

Target Value = $32.21k - this is a moving target but happens to equal the max target today)


see that the green chart area should NOT be filled when the actual value is less than half of the target?  ALSO, this isnt happening in the Desktop version, and visuals act normally.





I just confirmed, there is an active bug for this and it is being worked on. 


Take care,


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Hi pchapple,

I've tried to replicate this but it is working fine for me.  Would you please try again and let me know if you are still experiencing the same problem?




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Hi @mihart thanks for the reply.


I have tried again this morning, and Im seeing the same issues.  Also, I have tried on IE11, Chrome, and Firefox.  All browsers who the same issue where the VALUE is not showing correctly.  It seems to be an issue when the MAXIMUM VALUE and the TARGET are the same.  In my case, the MAXIMUM Value is the final total, and the TARGET is the 'to date' today (month to date for example).  However as soon as the sales period finishes, the MAX VALUE and TARGET are the same, and it send the VALUE gauge into a bit of tail spin.  This only began occurring recently.


Here are shots where you can see the difference between the DESKTOP version, and the BROWSER version, as you can see the charts replicate differently.


showing CORRECT chart - from Desktopshowing CORRECT chart - from DesktopShowing INCORRECT Chart - from BrowserShowing INCORRECT Chart - from Browser

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UPDATE - the issue seems to be caused when the MAXIMUM VALUE and TARGET VALE are the same.  If this is exact then the visual misbehaves.  However, Ive installed a merssy work around by subtracting 0.001 from the TARGET, which is small enough to be insignificant fore the figure rounding, but large enough for the TARGET and MAXIMUM VALUE to be recognized as different, therefore the Web Based portal represents the visual as expected.


Obviously, this is not ideal, as Im hard coding a error into the calculation.  But, for now, it will have to do...  Hopefully MS Power BI can come up with a solution.


I just confirmed, there is an active bug for this and it is being worked on. 


Take care,


Hi pchapple,


>>Hopefully MS Power BI can come up with a solution.

I will report this issue to Microsoft.


Thanks for your support.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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