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Problem with scheduled refresh of a report in power bi report server october 2020 rectified release

i have problem when refreshing my reports in power BI report server october 2020 rectified release.

I got this error: 

The credentials provided for the SQL source are invalid. (Source at .). The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface.

Any one have a solution for this problem? 

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Sorry to non reply early

1- the datasourses type is sql server

2- i'm using sql auth 

3- the issue repro all the time 

4-the last version october 2020  and i have also installed  the vesion pblished in november 





@IchrafPGH thanks for the update, couple more questions:

1. How many datasources do you have in the report?
2. If there is more than one are they all SQL Server?

3. If you go to the Datasource setting in Desktop if you click edit permissions what do you have set for the properties in there (e.g. Credential Type, Encryption, Privacy, Native Queries)?
4. When you go into the power query editor how many queries to you have in there?

5. Can you share the failures in your RSPower* and ASManagedRoot* logs (you can private message me if you want)?


Also I sent you a private message with my contact info, if possible i'd like to get on a call to help debug this issue. Thanks!


1- i heve reports with one data sources and reports with more 

2-  yes sql server

3- Can you see the example in the attachement



 4- i have many reports but for exemple , the report in the previous attachement has 43 query

and i have reports with 1 datasource and few query where  i have the same problem

5- sorry i don't understand how


The log files should be in the install folder of your server if you have access to it, should be in something similar to the following:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Report Server\PBIRS\LogFiles

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thank you very much

@IchrafPGH can you tell me a little bit about the reports that you have that are running into this issue? For example:

1. What type of datasources do you have (I assume SQL but are there more)?

2. What type of auth are you using for those datasources?

3. Does the issue repro intermittently or all the time?

4. Which version of the server to do you have installed? We published a QFE with a couple fixes, have you installed it?

5. Can you share the failures in your RSPower* and ASManagedRoot* logs (you can private message me if you want)?



Helper II
Helper II

Try steps as below,

  • Back up config files from c:/windows/program files/powerbi server/*/*.config
  • "Repair" the report server
  • Uncheck the "Enhanced metadata format" for .pbix files
  • Re-publish .pbix files

This thread at here may help.

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i tried "Repair" the report server but the same error 

bu what do you mean from "after back up all the config files." from where i can get the backup file?

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thank you very much for your interest

But ,this thread couldn't solve my problem

the same error still existing

Please try "Repair" the report server after back up all the config files.

Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Hi, @IchrafPGH ,


You can refer to this thread



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