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Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Power BI Report Server September 2022 Issues

Hello everyone,
I want to ask, who you are using September 2022 release of Report Server in a test or production environment, if you register any problems or other unexpected behavior, please list them here.


I think it would be helpful to share all known issues in one place.

Thank you very much.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi everyone! 


Power BI Report Server September 2022 QFE build is now available! It has fixes for ODBC refresh, custom visuals, weekday schedule, and some more changes. Changelog will be updated soon 😊 


Since upgrading to September 2022 QFE build the CPU on our production server is now at 97%, before the QFE build and busiest periods saw CPU at 65% max.


Can you advise? @v-alipat 

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Gemw87 

We don't observe such consumption changes in any of our test machines, are you sure it's the Report Server process that is taking more now? 

Also, do you see it with just one machine or more than one? and could you please specify any computer specifications with which you see it? 


Thank you 

We are seeing this on our production report server, this has only started to occur since we applied the latest September 2022 QFE last week. Prior to that we never saw the CPU this high.


Upon investigation we're finding that some of the larger reports (150 MB report) when refreshing are causing the report server CPU to hit 100%. This wasn't occurring prior to the latest update. 


The top processes when hitting 100% are Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Container and WmiPrvSE.exe


The report server spec is -

* Windows Server 2016 Datacenter

* Processor - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2698 v3 @ 2.30GHz (4 processors)

* Installed RAM - 12 GB

* System type - 64-bit OS, x64-based processor


Can you please advise?


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @Petebro ,
Please can you help? There are some new issues in latest release of PBIRS, especially first three. Is possible check with product team is these issues are identified and if there is any progress or ETA?


1) ODBC connector failing if data source contains text column with text length greater then 512 characters (with Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004].


2) Custom visuals not working in new reports when saved from Power BI Desktop September 2022


3) Paginated reports subscriptions schedule based on Day (with specified weekdays), Week or Month period, is not able to create or edit.


4) Little performance drop after upgrade to September 2022


5) Some UX issues with data slicer visual.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @josef78


I am pleased to bring good news today. We investigated all of the listed issues, please see details below. 


1) ODBC connector failing if data source contains text column with text length greater then 512 characters (with Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004])

The issue was fixed and the fix will be included in the planned QFE release for PBIRS September. ETA for the release is in December, before Christmas holidays. 

Workaround: to refresh data through PBI Desktop for RS (I understand it is not a good workaround for cases when you have many reports, or need to refresh often, but it is the way that can help to refresh) 


2) Custom visuals not working in new reports when saved from Power BI Desktop September 2022 

This issue was fixed as well and fix is coming in QFE. There is a workaround which you can use until the fix is released: 

Add a URL parameter to the URL: ?consumePublicCvsWithoutRps=1, and visuals will start working 

for example: http://servername/Reports/powerbi/reportname?consumePublicCvsWithoutRps=1


3) Not able to save paginated reports subscriptions schedule based on weekdays 

The issue is fixed and fix is coming in the QFE 

Workaround: use shared schedules 


4) Little performance drop after upgrade to September 2022

We investigated this complaint and tried to reproduce it, but we didn't observe the performance drop. We'll keep an eye on this one. 


5) UX issues with data slicer visual

The issue was identified, and now it's being worked on. Unfortunately, fix for this one will not be included in the coming QFE, but we will aim to fix in for January 2023 release. 





Hey Alexandra, 


I can see there is a January 2023 version of PBIRS, is this officially out including all the fixes??



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @mpsrshl and all, 


PBIRS Jan 2023 is on the way, should be publicly available today in the Microsoft Download Center. 

There will be an announcement here in the community too. 


You can check here in the changelog, what is going to be included in the new release: 




Thanks Alexandra for the quick response!


Ok I look forward to the announcement.


A tone of additions once again we have missed out on :')! 



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Sure thing 😊 


The new build shoud be available in the download center now: 


Please make sure to follow the safe upgrade instruction: 

Hi Alexandra,

this is great news.
The date published from PBI Report Server has been refreshed to 12/12/2022, but the version number did not change.

Is the QFE already published?



Hi Mark 😊 

Keen eye! No, the QFE is not live yet. The date changed just because the build is staged to be published, but it will take some time for the bits (and displayed version) to be actually updated. 1 to 2 days usually. There will be a community post about the update, also changelog will be updated. 


Thank you, 


Great news. Thank you so much.

For first two issues I have confirmation from @v-alipat that hotfix will be probably in this month.

Frequent Visitor

@Petebro  is there a fix for the OBDC error?

Error: ODBC: SUCCESS_WITH_INFO [01004] Fetched item was truncated

We use Denodo and have upgraded to September 2022 and our refreshes our now failing with this error.


Do we need to regress back to May 2022 or is there a fix coming?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Gemw87 , the hotfix for ODBC refresh is coming with a QFE Release planned before Christmas 😊 

Not applicable


I have a problem with only one user.

When he tries to login this error is shown:



I have tried:
- Remove his accesses and add again.
- Log in on another machine.

Nothing solves it, can someone help me?

Hi there,


My approach to deal with this issue would be:

  1. To talk to the networking team or whoever set up the domain account
  2. Check the Log files to see if an entry is related to the user. The server logs the user information using the following format DomainName\username, example Contoso\matheusmalta

I hope it helps. 


Please, let us know if you were able to solve the problem and how you did it.



Not applicable

Hey, I extracted the Report Server log, but did not find any useful information for this user. I tried to open a ticket at Microsoft but I didn't get a response from the responsible area.




Hello matheusmalta,

is this issue new in September 2022 release?

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