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PowerBI REST API & Access Token with Power Query

I'm looking for some input regarding obtaining data from the PowerBI REST API with a function to automate Access Token generation. I can get data from the API with Power Query using the following M code.
PBI Workspace Data with Try It TokenPBI Workspace Data with Try It Token
In this case I'm obtaining the Access Token manually through PowerBI's REST API Documentation 'Try It' feature.
PBI Workspace Try It DocumentationPBI Workspace Try It Documentation
Given i can obtain the expected data with that Power Query M code i keep everything the same but this time leverage the 'GET AccessToken' function i created. I recieve the following error. Selecting 'Connect' does nothing. The error persists.PBI Workspace Data with GET AccessToken FunctionPBI Workspace Data with GET AccessToken Function
Here is my 'GET AccessToken' function code.GET AccessToken FunctionGET AccessToken Function
The function seems to work perfectly fine as it returns the expected Access Token when invoking the function.
GET AccessToken Function InvokedGET AccessToken Function Invoked
I have the following Azure App 'API Permissions' configuredMicrosoft Azure App API permissionsMicrosoft Azure App API permissions
I also am getting Client ID, Tenant ID, Client Secret Value from the Azure App informationMicrosoft Azure App OverviewMicrosoft Azure App OverviewMicrosoft Azure App Certificates & secretsMicrosoft Azure App Certificates & secrets
My 'GET AccessToken' function also works when substituting the values in Postman for testing.PostmanPostman
Everything seems fine independently but when trying to make the connection tying it together it doesnt work. There are enough examples on forums and youtube vidoes which all demonstrate the way i concatenate my invoked function result to the "Bearer " string is correctly done. I'm at a total loss as to what is going wrong. Thank you for your time, any input is greatly appreciated. 

Helper II
Helper II



does anyone have the solution to this post ? I have the same issue. I get a token but it doesn't work when I use it in power query. I got the message : DataSource.Error : Web.Contents ... (500) : Internal Server Error.


When I use a token generated with try it, it works.


Any solution please ?

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Your function is working, but you are missing an item in the body. Using your example I only got returned a empty token missing the roles, when tested with .   After adding the resource field in I started getting a working token and could reuse it (see second script block)


(Scope as text, Resource as text) => 
//I moved the other items to parameters which is why you don't see them here. 

    //POST Request
    url = ""&tenant_id&"/oauth2/token",
    body = [
        scope = Scope,
        resource = Resource,
        client_id = client_id,
        grant_type = "client_credentials"


    Source = OData.Feed("$top=1", 
        [ Authorization = "Bearer " & Text.From(AccessToken("",""))],
         [ ExcludedFromCacheKey = {"Authorization"}, ODataVersion = 4, Implementation = "2.0" ]),
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I followed the exact same process but I cannot even get the get access token function to work. My GET Access Token code is exactly the same as yours, but with my own credentials. It just comes up with this message when I click done.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@rpboyer2 @ams1 

I was able to get past this issue with the help of Microsoft Support. My apologies i havent been able to share the solution in full detail with the community. I've been swamped in both my work and personal life. Contacting Microsoft Support is what i would recommend. Also i can offer to forward you my email chain of discourse with them which might help contextually how i was able to resolve the issue.



I'm having the same issues and would appreciate if you could forward the email exchange you had with MS Support. Please send to

hey, I'm running into the same issue, but I'm trying to get Power Automate to generate the token, so that I can run some automations through that way. The access token that I'm generating is significantly shorter than the one generated by the Rest API Try It feature.

Can you email me that same thread from Microsoft Support?

Thanks so much @rpboyer2 that would be amazing!

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @rpboyer2 


I think the problem is that you used ContentType instead of #"Content-Type"


Replace the corresponding part of your code with below:


                    Headers = [
                        Accept = "application/json",
                        #"Content-Type" = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"



Everything else seems ok - we'll see after you try the above.


Please mark this as ANSWER if it helped.


P.S.: next time please paste your PowerQuery code as text and not as screenshot 😊

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Thank you for the suggestion! Here's the update code. I didnt get a different result.




() =>
    //Found in Portal Azure site under App Registration: PBIAdminAPI-Dev
    tenant_id = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....", //Overview Tab: Directory/Tenant ID
    client_id = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....", //Overview Tab: Application/Client ID
    client_secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.....", //Certificates & secrets Tab: PowerBI secret Value

    //POST Request
    url = ""&tenant_id&"/oauth2/v2.0/token",
    body = [
        grant_type = "client_credentials",
        scope = "",
        client_id = client_id,

    //Get token
    GetJson =
                url, [
                    Content= Text.ToBinary(Uri.BuildQueryString(body))
    access_token = GetJson[access_token]




My current gut feeling is that the problem lies outside powerbi/query; something to do with permissions of the token or parameters of the PowerBI API request. This is because i found that when testing on Postman i get some additional information contextually like:

'Bad Request - Group Details is a required parameter'
Postman BadRequest GroupDetails Required Parameter.PNG
I'm trying to query this fuction: It specifies the URI Parameters as: top, expand, filter, skip. Nothing about Group Details so that error message confuses me. It also mentions that the 'Required Scope' is: Tenant.Read.All or Tenant.ReadWrite.All. I found that different Post URL return different info back. '{TENANT ID}/oauth2/v2.0/token' returns minimal  information compare to '{TENANT ID}/oauth2/token' which does include 'Scope.' So the second confirms im meeting the Scope criteria. However both keys return GroupDetails parameter error.
Postman MicrosoftOnline.png

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @rpboyer2 


Good that we got that potential issue out of the way.


Given Postman is one of the most solid foundations for building PowerQueries connecting to APIs (and that you're using it), please be so kind to post here the Postman generated cURL statement for a successful request (don't forget to mask out confidential info!). Based on that we'll be able to propose the equivalent PowerQuery code.


So basically, you want a function that does what your below Postman successfully does, right?



If yes, please post the cURL generated by Postman just to be sure.



P.S.: above requests remain valid, but after re-reading again the conversation I think I've noticed you had some doubts ref the "PowerBI request". One way to see how the PowerBI request looks like is to setup a proxy of some sort, ex.:

  • if you're running PowerBI locally:
    • you could use Fiddler
    • OR you could spawn a webserver in your preferred language (ex. python, even PowerShell etc.) and set the URL to your local webserver where you log things (this is how I usually debug)
  • if you want to test a service connection, you need to get a bit more creative:
    • maybe a cloud lambda/function that PowerQuery connects to...

But usually if you get it working locally in Postman, you should be able to get it working on PowerBI (at least locally).


P.P.S. 😁: When you press Connect and still get the "Access web content" dialog, I think that's a sign you're getting 301 Permission denied


Finally: others are of course free/invited to jump in anytime to help out fix this 🤗


Please mark as answer the relevant post(s) that helped you find a solution

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Postman is returning the Access Key just like I'm able to get in PowerQuery. However it isnt returning any data from the PowerBI API when using the Access Key just like my PowerQuery issue. What is very confusing is that the only way i've been able to get data at all from the PowerBI API is when i use the 'Try It' feature from the documentation page & copy the Access Key generated. I can then Paste it into PowerQuery overriding my function result and then i get data. However if i take that same key that is returning data in PowerQuery and use in Postman i get the Bad Request - Group Details Parameter is required ErrorGET AccessToken Function Manual.PNG

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @rpboyer2 ,


Ok, now I think I see:

  1. so not even Postman can return a valid token similar to the one returned by the "try it" feature, right?
  2. using the "try it" token inside PowerQuery it works, but in Postman it doesn't?
Frequent Visitor

You understand the issue 100%. I've opened up a support ticket and will update here if i'm able to resolve this issue.

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