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Helper II
Helper II

Power qury index

Dear Power Bi developers,


kinldy note i have i noticed a very strange behavior of power bi qury, i don't actully know if it power qury issue or power bi services,

but let me explain please, i have in power qury table of products 



now i wen to add an index to use it as product type index, so iused the index button in power qury and now i have below:



Type Index ID(Product Type ID)


so far so fine, so i finished my calculations and now i want to make a copy table of the product to use as a disconnected table,

so i copy and past the final power qury table product and removed all columns except product and Index ID(Product Type ID) to be like this,




Index ID(Product Type ID)


when i load on desktop the Index ID(Product Type ID) is  working fine as A is 1 in both tables, B is two in both tables, and so on, but when i publish to the services (power bi services), every thing get missed up, so the A in one table is 1 and in the other table 2

b in the first table is 3 and the other is 4, how is that possiable, it works fine on the desktop, but when publish to the services it the index is changed and works diffrenlty, how is that possiable they are coming from same table source?!

Super User
Super User

Hello - the same values should be observed in Power BI desktop and when published online unless there are other filters in one that are not in the other, or if the data is refreshed in one and not the other.  

i know right!, so weird, in aim to find a wrok around i made the disconnect table by dax( summerizedcolumns), in aim to make sure it will use the same index it used in the power qury, i have my douts that index is running individualy even when i copy the qury, but it works fine on desktop, but on services it fore sure the index is being created individuly, should i open a tickect, this is a hug bug in power bi services?!

Hey @Amrselim1989 ,


upload your sample pbix to onedrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox and share the link.




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But sir, it works fine on desktop, the problem when it's upload on the services, i believe the index is being created individualy for each table alone, that's why giving diffrenet results, is it some thing about qury folding?!

#"Added Index" = Table.AddIndexColumn(#"Grouped Rows", "Index", 1, 1, Int64.Type),
#"Renamed Columns7" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Added Index",{{"Index", "Product Type ID"}}),





here is where i copy and paste 


no on desktop i have same index, but on services it's going crazy?!

I would add a Sort step before the Index, it's probably changing the order of Rows on you.

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