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Helper I
Helper I

Julians Date


How can i convert this Date to normal Date.



Thx in advance for your help

Helper I
Helper I

Hello Gaucho.

I think what you are asking is to display date in format of dd:mm:yyyy

You can change that here



Hi @Idkpowerbi 
No it is not what i am trying to do. In My screenshort you can see that there is always "1900". That is already problem i want to solve. 

I cannot understand your logic in getting from what you show to what you want

Please show

  • Your original data
    • If your data is confidential, then make up some data that demonstrates the problem 
    • Best to post this as text or an Excel table which can be copy/pasted.
  • A screenshot of your desired results from that data
  • Your current code
    • To obtain this:
      • Select "Advanced Editor"
      • Copy the contents of the window that opens
      • Open the Code Sample window here `</>`
      • Paste the code into the Window
  • A statement of your logic in going from your original data to your desired results

As an aside, you are not showing any Julian dates (or dates from a Julian Date Calendar) in the data you have shown us so far, so I especially don't understand the significance of your question title.

Super User
Super User



= Table.TransformColumns(Prev_Step,{{"GJ", each Date.FromText(_, [Culture = "de-DE"]), type date}})


Hi it is not fonctioning, here is the error message;



Add column

Date.FromText([GJ], [Culture = "de-DE"])


@slorin still not fonctioning



I need more information

What is the formula?
What is the error message?




Here ist how GJ is appearing, when i try to insert the code you gave me it shows no error as shown below:


When i click on "OK" the result appears like this:





In "GJ" i have the year 21, 22 and 23. THe formular you gave me will be like this;



I don't understand what do you want : 01/01/2021, 01/01/2022 and 01/01/2023 ?



I want something like this;
all dd/ all MM/YYYY for 2021, 2022 and 2023

The syntax is showing no error but when i click on Okay, it shows me "ERROR"

I can't help you without your formula, a screenshot, your previous step, the error message...

I took de Data with "GJ" in JDE but i couldn't convert it to date, that is why i was trying to get a solution how to manage it .

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