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Getting a minimum number from a list with a condition

Let us say my table has two columns: Start & End List. 
1. Start (Integer)

2. End List (List)

The length of End list is not fixed and may vary depending on each row. 

2023-07-18 14_43_44-Project Tracking Report_2023.07.12 - Power Query Editor.png


Let us say, Row #1's Start=1 and End List = {3, 4, 9, 11, 35}
I would like to get 3 in a new column since 3 is the minimum number while being greater than 1.

Row #3's start=4. If its End List ={2, 3, 6, 10}, I would like to get 6. 


I am trying List.Select, but this function gives an error. 





= Table.AddColumn(#"Expanded Start List", "Custom", each List.Select([End List], each _ > [Start]))






Super User
Super User

Right function in this scenario is List.Skip


List.Skip([End List], (x)=> x < [Start]){0}

To use your formula

List.Select([End List], (x)=> x > [Start]){0}


To handle errors


try List.Skip([End List], (x)=> x < [Start]){0} otherwise null


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