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Data Source Hubspot

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is any opportunity to get data out of Hubspot into my BI reports.
Do you know something?




Hi @Leonid_Kostin . Thanks for trying out the connector.


That's quite unfortunate to hear that you are not able to connect.


Can you:

1. Navigate to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors. Put this under "Run" (Windows R). Does it open the same folder that you have shown me?
2. Are you behind any IT policy which is not allowing you to load non-certified connectors?

hi, @ranbeermakin .


Answering your questions:


1. Yes

2. Don't think so.


Maybe it is something related to this issue:


What do you think?


Thank you a lot!

I have used this in the past, but struggled to get it working.  Solution - for some reason my folder set up drops the Microsoft the file path - from C:\users<your_user_name>\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors\.  Once I made this edit and put the file there, it worked.

Resolver III
Resolver III

There is a FREE HubSpot custom data connector to Power BI available on our public GitHub Page.


Why don't you try and provide feedback?


You can have visualizations like this one through the data from the connector.



Hi! I was going to try but then I saw this from HubSpot: 


After November, will this connector work? Also if they don't allow creation of keys at the moment - if I follow some steps they give for private app, will it work with your solution? Thanks a million!

This - I would like to know this too please?

Is there an option to publish and refresh the data using this connector?

Yes, you need to use a Gateway to accomplish it

Hi @ranbeermakin , well done on the work you have done so far... Any news on getting Engagements, dealpipeline and other tables?


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@ranbeermakin .Thank you for this, it is super helpful and I just set it up up. Does it pull in the email activity? We were hoping we could filter by email open, clicks and all of that.

@Anonymous thanks for trying out and providing feedback. There have been phenomenal interest in this connector and we have been bombarded with new requests. I have put this under the queue and I will let you know when this is out.


Our first priority is to get custom fields out and we are targeting end of Nov, followed by tickets and email.




@ranbeermakin Thanks for creating that connector! It was super simple to setup and get started, great work.


I was wondering if you are still working on the custom properties update? That would make it perfect. 


Thanks again.

@jdormer8 yes, we are targeting Feb for custom properties and tickets data.

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I am having a problem with the connector. It is only showing deals and accounts and no contact table. However when I installed it on my colleagues laptops it shows all three. What is the issue?


Regards, Jonathan 

hi @Anonymous thanks for trying out the custom connector.


1. Can you copy the latest .mez file from github to your local path? 

2. Re run Power BI, go to GetData->Online Services->HubSpot and then tick "Contact". It would pull "Contact" table for you. 


Let me know how it goes.

Does your connector work with the cloud version of Power BI that is included with Office365? 

Yes, ofcourse!



Hi, I am using your connecter. It is really good.

But just a quick question. Am I able to get the ticket information as well, as right now it only shows the account, contact and deals.

Also I realise that not all the properties i created appear on the Power Bi.


Thanks a lot.

@skylar tickets are now integrated in this connector. Why don't checkout our github page?

hi @skylar thanks for trying out the connector. Glad that it helps you.


On the properties one, could you let me know which all properties you want us to include?

Are you looking to include custom properties? 


On the tickets one, could you let us know what details you are looking for in that? What ticket properties?


Let us know so we can help further.


Thanks for the reply. 

Yes I need some custom properties for both tickets and customers.


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