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Developer mode & git for reports with live connection


I currently have two reports that share the same dataset published, hence are connected to that dataset via live connection


I want to start using version control for this reports and that includes for example any metrics created at the dataset level but i'm not sure what are the best practices right now.


In the future I want to have everything being automated via deployment pipelines as well


So my questions is, has anyone tried the developer mode with live connection and if yes what best practices or setup do you recommend?



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This is neither intuitive nor easy to work with.

I expect to keep it as a life connection.

This way, I must manually publish reports with a live connection, which defies all the benefits of Developer mode.


It's not possible to sync a report to the workspace from Git with a live connection. When I need to change it and sync it back to Git, it is changed, and I cannot continue to work without hacking the files.




The reports are always published as live connection, the only difference is on local development. 

When both report and model live in the same workspace, by default, Fabric Git Integration will export with a relative connection letting you when opening in Desktop author both model and report. If you dont wish to refresh the model locally, you can temporarily switch to live connection.

But on publish using Fabric Git, even if its a byPAth the report will always be published connected to the model. Same as if you publish with Live Connection.

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I started working with it during the last few days.

But I encountered a very odd behavior:

  1. I create a report and connect it to a Power BI semantic model
  2. I save it as a project
  3. Commit to my Git Repo
  4. Update the workspace connected with my Git Repo

Immediately after the workspace update, Power BI told me that something had been updated.

In fact, Git integration tells me that the report uploaded to the workspace from Git has been changed.


I commit the change to Git.

Then, I pull the new version to my local folder and open the report.


Now, all tables are converted to Import mode.

The information on the status line at the bottom of the Power BI desktop window has disappeared.

When I open Power Query, I see the M-Code for all tables, which should not be possible with a live connection.


The only way to circumvent this is to manually publish my reports to the workspace instead of relying on Git.


I hope that this will be changed in the Git integration on the Power BI service.





Thanks for the feedback. This behavior is by design, when report and semantic model share the same workspace they get exported to Git with a relative connection: byPath. Learn more here:

If you still wish to open the report in live connect, you can temporarily replace the definition.pbir with a by a byConnection connection. But after publishing to service, it will be swapped by a byPath. 


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