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Helper III
Helper III

Auto Refresh Powerbi data in Powerpoint



I Embed live data from powerbi to Powerpoint powerbi Add-ins.  How can I set this on auto referesh? 

I created this data so our team can see these reports on the TV throughout the day . I want this to be refresh as soon as report is refereshed. how can I do this? 


Resolver I
Resolver I

same is happening with me, I have to reimbed all graphs into powerpoint, some are getting refreshed and some not at all. I need to do this every month for a monthly report. 

Frequent Visitor

Depending on what your setup is like, this can be done using two programs. A macro app and the Task Scheduler app in Windows.

PowerBi data will refresh when you reopen power point, so you can make a macro that opens PP and then presses F5 to run slideshow. You then use Task Scheduler to open your macro file exe on a schedule. You would also have to make a macro that closes PP too (Alt-F4).  A variation of these could help you

Advocate I
Advocate I

We used a macro program called Tiny Task, but Power Automate would also give you the ability to set a restart process in place.


Currently we have moved away from using the Powerpoint option for a screen show, and now we are using Vue Pilot instead. If they can fix the issue on Power BI we may switch back to this option.

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This thread is dead? 

Has anyone figured out if the powerpoint slides can be updated every few hours or when the page reloads? I need to run this presentation in loop forever with 6-10 slides with a power BI report on each slide.

In the add-on options in the lower right corner, there is a slideshow setting, where you can set the refresh time interval

Advocate I
Advocate I

I also want to be able to display a rolling Powerpoint presentation on TV screens which will loop in the office and show the KPI data for the business, unfortunately once you set it rolling on a continous loop it no longer updates the data which is being refreshed on Power BI, so not much use for presenting latest data on screens.


Anyone any other ideas on what can be used for presenting multiple reports on a screen? I have tried using Dashboard Rotator without success as well.

Hey @pay_2019 , @Atinder , @mohammadyousaf , @kylesmyle , @pberk 


Power BI add-in now has auto refresh configuration that you can set for continuous slideshow scenario. 

You can read more about it here: and here: 


Can this help with your scanario?


Thanks, Maya


Thanks a lot for the link. However we tried it with some colleagues, at the moment when the PowerPoint is in slide show and the data is refreshed a message is dispalyed in the bottom left corner of the screen, saying that fresh data is ready and can be refreshed by clicking on the button. How to have this refresh done without asking for the user's input?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Hey @Samuel_Tavern ,


You can configure the add-in to automatically refresh while in slide show. please read this blg post with the details: 

Once you set the refresh frequncy, it will automatically pull data from Power BI while running in slideshow, without any human interaction.


Thanks, Maya

Hi Maya,

Thanks a lot for your answer, indeed after further tests it does work smoothly!!

There is still a big hurdle remaining for us to adopt this solution to display data, it is that the PowerPoint slideshow pauses if another software is used on the computer at the same time. I guess this is more of a PowerPoint issue than a PowerBI one anyway.



Best regards,


Will it update while the slideshow is in full screen play-mode? If so, then it would be a great new feature!

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Atinder -  What make you think that the data is not being refreshed?   Are you using the new Power BI PowerPoint feature (Add a live Power BI report page to PowerPoint - Power BI | Microsoft Docs).  Since you are embedding an Live tile in PowerPoint, it will be refreshed when the PowerPoint is opened with the new data and with any changes made to the report page.    If the page in PowerPoint is not refreshing there is button in PowerPoint to refresh the report.  View and present live Power BI report pages in PowerPoint - Power BI | Microsoft Docs




It does that but everytime I have opena nd close. I have 22 slides in the powerpoint but I can't do slide show it just stuck at slide one and white out. 

Hi @Atinder - if you have a Power BI Report which contains 22 pages and you want to include each page in the PowerPoint presentation, you need to embed the link for each page separately.   Embed Power BI in PowerPoint interactive - YouTube


Note Microsoft did not included a page navigator in their new add-in (suggest this at PowerBI Ideas).  I suspect they did this because they did not antipate you using PowerPoint to present too many pages  (death by PowerPoint? or just share the Power BI report or share as PDF). 


If you prefer to insert one slide and then navigate within this single slide, you can consider adding a Page Navigator (Create page and bookmark navigators - Power BI | Microsoft Docs) to each page in the Power BI report, or a next and back buttons to each.

Now it is possible to autorefresh the data.  It is still crashing some time but it is an improvement.



Hey @icretu ,


We made some improvements in PowerPoint to handle crashes. Can you please verify that you are running the most recent Office version?

If it keeps crashing, can you please contact us at for additional investigation?


Thanks, Maya

I need to run this presentation in loop forever with 6-10 slides with a power BI report on each slide. Not to restart the presentation. Autorefresh will be good. Manual refresh... doesn't realy help.

Hi @Daryl-Lynch-Bzy I embed link for each page but as soon as I hit slide after 1 slide Powerpoint crash or whiteout.

Hey @Atinder ,


We made some improvements in PowerPoint to handle crashes. Can you please verify that you are running the most recent Office version?

If it keeps crashing, can you please contact us at for additional investigation?


Thanks, Maya

I didn't start this thread, but one scenario I personally would like to have some kind of auto refresh setting is if the presentation is looping on a big info screen in the office, or similar. It would be great to be able to make it update every few hours or so by itself.

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