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Helper II
Helper II

filtering slicer/filter values based on selection in chart

Hi Everyone,


I have a chart showing sum figures distric wise wherease have one drop down filter showoing same distric names, i want that fitler should be filtered for distric name selected in chart ,how can i achive the same ?


Ex: if i select calafornia in chart ,filter should show only calafornia no other distric ?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @msofficesolutio


You should be able to do that.


Click on your visual 

On the tab above the report editor you have : 

Tools for visuals > Format


Click on Edit interactions.

Then choose wich other visual you want to filter, in that case your dropdown list, by clicking on the filter icon.




- Quentin

Hi Quentin,


Thanks for suggestion , i tried the same already but it didn't worked, is that working at your end ?





Yes it is working at my end, I'm able to filter them.


Did you change your relation to bi-directionnal filter in PowerBI ? Maybe it's only filtering from A to B and not from B to A if you have differents table.


- Quentin

will you be able to share sample workbook on which you are working ?

Download sample


@msofficesolutio Please download it from the URL

Please accept my access request on gogle drive ..

@msofficesolutio Your org doesnt allow me to share.. Ill make the link public.

Hey buddy,


i think it's still not working, you can see in screenshot currently city Kandy is selected in pie chart, it has filtered table in right hand side but filter in left hand side is showing all districs, ideally as per our req it should show only Kandy ?


filter screenshot.JPG



Thats what i meant earlier as well. It doesnt work like that.

Is it possible to filter values in matrix on page 2 based on chart selection on page 1?



It only works from filter to filter. Not from a chart to a filter.



As you can see, it filters the table. But not the filters.



I don't know I have this kind of visual and filter in my report 


It probably works only for some visuals maybe 


- Quentin

I just realised if filter is chiclet slicer then it's filtered based on chart value selection but normal filter is not fitlered based on chart value selection ??

Helper V
Helper V


Filters doesnt work that way. As a workaround you can display a table with the district names.

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