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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Web Url Conditional Formatting - Unable to Select Field

I can't figure out what is going on. I have a column in my model with a url. I've even created the url as a custom column and a measure but expereince the same issue. 


The url fields in quesiton have been set to Data Category: Uncategorized


When I open the Web Url Conditional Formatting my windows always opens and the 'Based on field' is red and I'm unable to selected any fields (Columns, custom columns, measures). It also looks like I'm missing the drop down for Summarization.  Now I can click the drop down and it will list out all the tables and columns but everything is greyed out. 




That said, If i create a new PBIX and choose "Enter Data' and add 2 columns (name, url) and add those to the report I am able to format the web url. So it's not that I can't get this to work but I can't get it to work in my current report. 


For what it's worth, it doesn't look like this is just an issue with the Web URL. If I select a column for icons my based on field is also red and I can't select anything. However, I already have fields in the same table that have icons. 



Somthing strang is going on.  I've rebooted my machine, closed and reopened the file. 


Ideas? Thoughts? 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi all, I realize the original post is over 2 yrs old, but just wanted to let you know I finally solved this today on a whim. The issue has to do with implicit measures not working in your model (like user jpperez mentioned in Aug 2022). The solution is as follows:

  1. Make sure you have a field in your underlying data table with the complete URL in its own column. Do it in SQL if you have the ability, otherwise do it as a computed column in Power Query. Let's call the new column 'URL_column_name' for purposes of step 2. The values in this new URL field should look something like "https://prefix.domainname.ext/whatever" (without quotes).
  2.  Set up a measure (NOT a calculated column), with something along the lines of ... URLToUse:=SELECTEDVALUE(table_name[URL_column_name])
  3. In PBID, open the Visualizations pane -> Format visual -> Cell elements -> Series -> [choose whatever column name in your visualization table you'd like to embed a hyperlink] -> Web URL: On -> What field should we base this on? -> [URLToUse] i.e. measure you created in step 2 above.

Hope that helps! Cheers everyone

Helper II
Helper II

Hey has this ever been solved by someone? I am still facing this issue sadly... :'(

New Member

i am having the same issue...

If you have enabled calculation groups in your model, this has the side effect of dissabling implicit measures. The URL conditional formating works on the "first" link/web url in your list. So you either have to disable the calculation groups or (I haven't tried this) you could create an explicit measure to do the same job the implicit one used to do.

Regular Visitor

Has there been any solution to this? This is a very annoying bug. All other reports, newly created or old can format the Web URL just fine for any column but this report can't conditionally format anything. Exactly as described in the original post. I am working on a rather large report and starting over not knowing if or how I will re-introduce this behavior is not really an option.

Frequent Visitor

Also having the same issue.
Funny thing. I tried with an older file where it works and the option is there.



Note it shows the Summarization First.

But when i copy table to a new pbix where i am having the issue, i do not see the summarization and option is greyd out


No Summarization option.

Wonder if something changed recently.

I sort of figured out a solution.
In one case (the working one) the report is using the DirectQuery for PBI Datasets.
In the second one it is a pbix connected to a dataset in the service.
Turning on the DirectQuery for PBI Datasets on the report solved the issue.

Frequent Visitor

I'm having the same issue, it was working perfectly fine some time ago. Columns that have alreayd been formatted still work and take me to the URL, however if I try to edit conditional formatting, it won't let me select the URL field.

Helper I
Helper I

Did you get this sorted at all?  I'm having the same issue...

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @lmf232s ,


You could check the Issues forum here:


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Jay
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