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Time Chart - Display Time in Y-axis

Hello, I have this dataset:









And I am trying to create this in Power BI:




The excel chart is using the Time Elapsed since OBL to first/last button columns (last 2 columns on the table).


My issue is that I can not illustrate time values on the y axis. I can only reproduce the chart by converting time into numbers with decimals.


Can you please advice if there is a way to do this?


Thank you very much in advance


Hi @airportplanner,


As of now, there is no way.


Prateek Raina

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I recently got stuck with this same issue, and found a somewhat suitable solution by converting a timestamp to an integer (Ex: 9:24:38 AM would equal 92438).


You can reference that original solution here by @v-shex-msft on another thread:


However, I just wanted to share an update that Power BI rolled out a Dynamic formatting for DAX measures feature, which gets us even closer, by displaying an integer as HH:MM:SS.


Basically, just follow shex's instructions to create a DAX measure that represents your time as an integer (they used MAX, but I needed an AVERAGE) :



DAX Start Time = (HOUR(AVERAGE(data_table[Start Time]))*10000) + (MINUTE(AVERAGE(data_table[Start Time]))*100) + (SECOND(AVERAGE(data_table[Start Time]))*1)



Next, you'll want to change the format of your measure to "Dynamic", and you'll get a new drop-down option to change the format of your number. I chose "00:00:00" as my format (you can include negative and zero formats as well, if you want to be thorough)



Next, create a Line Graph using your new DAX measure as the Y-Axis. You'll need to format the Y-Axis in the settings of the chart so that the Display Units don't get auto-formatted to thousands (K). Set that option to "None"



Here is what my final Line Graph looks like on my test app:



The only drawback I have noticed so far is that you won't be able to format your time in 12HH format with an AM/PM indicator. I played around with the formatting strings by making my AM times negative and PM times positive in my measure, and including the AM and PM indicators in the format string, but still no luck. Got it to work as a table, but the graph is wrong when it tries to plot negative and positive integers together. I don't believe you can use date/time format patterns directly with the Dynamic format feature (i.e. just typing "HH:MM:SS" as your format string didn't work for me). But perhaps someone smarter than me can come up with a system to hack it together with a more complex measure or manipulating separate columns or something.


Also, it doesn't look like I can attach a sample pbix file, but if it eventually lets me then I will include what I put together as my test.


Hope this helps!


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Sitck with your original solution (convert to number) and add a tooltip which displays date value was best I could come up with. 

Helper IV
Helper IV

How (or Why!) is this marked as solved? Shouldn't this remain open for MS to revert with some option? Just wondering!

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did you found a solution for your issue

No, unfortunately, Power BI does not support this function.


You can not have hh:mm:ss on Y axis

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @airportplanner,


There is no Power BI visual which directly supports this.

You can however check out this thread and may find a solution based on R based Chart.


Also, kindly vote up this idea.


Prateek Raina

@prateekrainaunfortunately the R based chart does not work for me.


So are we saying that there is literally no way that a chart can contain time values at the y-axis in Power Bi?

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I am in the same boat. Did you able to resolve this issue ?




Hi @airportplanner,


As of now, there is no way.


Prateek Raina

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