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Text value if calculate DAX output is blank

Hi there


I am looking to impliment a measure to use in a matrix that provides a total count of a column based on today's date BUT also have it output a text value of "No Data" when there is no data available i.e. Blank.


Using a filtered value quick measure within a matrix produces the desired output when today's data is available:

Measure = CALCULATE(
    SUM('Table' [COUNT]),
    'Date DIM Table' [Today]
        IN { TRUE }
However, this just gives an empty column in the matrix when there is no data.
I have tried to add variables to the above DAX to produce the "No Data" output:

Measure =
VAR sum_quantity = CALCULATE(
    'Date DIM Table'[Today]
        IN { TRUE }
VAR sum_quantity_blank = IF(sum_quantity = BLANK(), "No Data", sum_quantity)
RETURN sum_quantity_blank

However, this does not work, as I get an error message saying that I "Cannot convert value "No Data" of type text to type integer/date"
This seems to be a really simple fix, but can't seem to find anything on this to resolve it.
Any help would be massively appreciated!
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Measure = IF(ISBLANK(CALCULATE( SUM('Table' [COUNT]), 'Date DIM Table' [Today] IN { TRUE } ), "No Data")


This should work

Hi there


Thanks for your quick reply, however, I get an error when I use this saying that too many arguments were passed to the ISBLANK function?

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Sorry, should be an extra bracket to close the calculate:

Measure = IF(ISBLANK(CALCULATE( SUM('Table' [COUNT]), 'Date DIM Table' [Today] IN { TRUE } )), "No Data")

Hi again


This seems to be working partly (so am getting "No Data" showing when there is no data) but nothing when there is.


Is this because I have not provided a result if true statement in the IF clause? If so, I am assuming that I would just need to do the following?


Measure = IF(ISBLANK(CALCULATE( SUM('Table' [COUNT]), 'Date DIM Table' [Today] IN { TRUE } ), "No Data", CALCULATE( SUM('Table' [COUNT]), 'Date DIM Table' [Today] IN { TRUE } )

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