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Summarized values are wrong but grand total is correct

Hello, I have a measure which calculates the FTE (Sum of column25 divide by max value of a Column (Column59) : 

    SUM('Database (2)'[Column25]),
    CALCULATE(MAX('Database (2)'[Column59]), ALL('Database (2)'))

I have another measure which calculates all the FTE out of the Top 10 values of FTE : 
Outside TOP10_2 = [FTE] - SUMX(
        TOPN(10, ALL('Database (2)'[Column23]), [FTE])

(The Column23 is my "Client" Column)
In my case, the FTE measure total is : 266,3 and the sum of the values out of the top10 FTE is : 114,38
In a table, I have two columns, the FTE measure and a column of regional code (Column11). For this case, the summarized values AND the grand total are correct : Eliot4_0-1679853853450.png

But, when i replace the FTE measure by the outside_top10 measure : all the summarized values are incorrect (all 0) but the grand total remains correct : 114,38 : 


Do you know how to solve this ? 

Super User
Super User


Share some data, explain the question and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

My column 25 is composed of numbers which can be negative and sometimes cells are blank : 


The column23 is a column with client name. Of course, the same client is present in different lines with different values for the column25 (positive, negative, blank). The interesting thing I noticed is that no matters the other column I'm adding with the measure "Outside TOP2", the summarized values are wrong (either it shows 0 for all values either it shows not all values aggregate). With the measure [FTE], everything works fine (summarized values, you can see the sum of values by regional code is 266) but with the other measure, only the grand total is correct

Super User
Super User

@Eliot4 , Try like


Outside TOP10_2 =
Sumx(values('Database (2)'[Column23]),
TOPN(10, ALL('Database (2)'[Column23]), [FTE])

Sir I think your formule is close to be the right one but the blank cells in Column25 is is setting the sum equal to 0 each time one line with a regional code has a blank cells in Column25 !

The summarized values (i.e FTE outside top 10 by region code) are still incorrect 😣 (all showing 0) but grand total remain correct 

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