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Stacked column chart with custom tooltip

I have a stacked column chart on a page with multiple slicers.  I have created a custom tooltip to show me all the values in the stacked columns but the tooltip is not filteingr to just the values in the column, it is showing me all the values.  In my screenshot below, you can see that I'm hovering over a column that only has 3 segments, but the tooltip is showing me the numbers for every segment that might exist.  Everything I have tried gives me everything, like below, or only the value for the specific segment I hover over.  I would like my tooltip to display whatever values occur in whichever column I hover over.  Is this possible?



This is what I have selected on my visual for tooltips:


And this is what I have selected on my "Terminations tooltip" page:






Helper II
Helper II

@elidavis  were you able to find a solution? I am running into the same issue


Super User
Super User

I believe you just need to add your change reason field to your tooltip filters.

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If I add it to either page in the tooltips filter then the tooltips only shows the value for the one segment that is bring hovered over, not all segments in the column.

Is your month name on your x-axis the same as your month field in the tooltips filter?

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It wasn't, but I just changed it to match and that did not resolve my problem.

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