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SandDance Issues with PowerBI Desktop

I'm attempting to build a SandDance visual on PowerBI Desktop, but no matter the data set (mine or the full demo SandDance demo file from Microsoft) my computer doesn't display any type of visual except the following.   I've verified that the my test data file and SandDance work on the cloud version of Power BI.

All other custom visuals that I've downloaded seem to work in PowerBI Desktop - does anyone know if there are any type of oddball video driver requirements for SandDance?



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I am having the same issue.

Has this been addressed?


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We too are facing the same issue. Has anyone found any solution for it??


Kindly suggest!



We have the same problem as well, hitting Edit takes you to a screen that you can't do much in there. This is version



I have the same issue.

Power BI Version: June 2018 - Update (64 Bit)

My coworker can open the related file without any issues. Maybe the graphics card is a criterion for displaying the visual?

Does anyone have a solution in the meantime? 🙂

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Hi PBI Community


Wondering if anyone is looking into this one, as I have the same issue.


Working w latest PBI version (May) and SandDance.1.2.9


I get the same 'non-responsive' screen. However, when I chose any other visual, it works fine on my data.


Any help/suggestions?

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Did this issue get resolved? I'm also seeing the same thing - both the sample SandDance pbix file and when adding the visual to my data model. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Community Champion
Community Champion

@acroberts Not sure what's wrong but I can't replicate your issue. Maybe can you try adding one column at a time to see if it comes back with visuals. I know when it was released initially there was a limit of 10K data points but not sure if its removed or still there. Also can you try a field that has less than 10K data points.

Hey @ankitpatira

I'm not sure if something is wrong with the visual or if I'm just missing something entirely. There used to be a slider icon to the left of the setting icon (with the gear) that allowed me to change some important settings but I can't see it now! I checked through every setting option and I simply can't find it. I updated the visual and powerbi desktop to the most recent versions. no dice. Can you help? thanks!

Did you configure the visual? there is an edit button in the top right corner. you need to set the visualization type (column, scatter...etc.)

Did you configure the visual? there is an edit button in the top right corner. you need to set the visualization type (column, scatter...etc.)

@ankitpatira When I add the first value, I get the graphic that I showed you - the grey & black blocks on the grey background.   Nothing shows up in the SandDance selector bar.   I add additional values, and nothing changes.   There are 12 data points in the test set, so there should not be an issue there, and using PowerBI online with the test set, everything works great.  


Same issue on the Desktop with different data sets, as well.

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