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Python Visual - Dataframe Doesn't Load


Hi Power BI community,


I need your help. I am trying to create a Python visual in Power BI Desktop; the code works fine, but the visual doesn't load the data from the data model into the dataframe. Therefore the graphs remain empty.


It's really frustrating...

You'll find an example - screenshot - down below.

(Excuse the child's painting)


Some background information:

  • The data is coming from a Power BI-Dataset created and managed by my employer, which I have limited access to.
    (I'm not able to use the Power Query Editor on that dataset, nor can I combine it with additional data sources)
  • I've created a new virtual enviroment and installed the compatible versions of python and the packages.
    (With pip and conda - tried both)
  • I'm working with Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks


Could it be that there a limitations when using a pre build Power BI-Dataset?

- Maybe it's my limited access


I would be extremely thankful if someone has a clue or solution for this problem!


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,





Screenshot 2021-09-10 082351.png

Super User
Super User

You may have filters on your Values A and B that result in an empty dataframe?  Hard to tell without more context.

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@lbendlin Thanks for your Input. 


I think I know the reason; it seems that it has something to do with the Power BI dataset from my employer. Maybe some sort of restricions. (I have limited access to the dataset. I can use it, but can't make any changes. Can't even use the power query editor)


I tried it with data from an Excel sheet and the Python visual worked perfectly fine.


Possible Solutions:

A - I need to find a workaround, to exctract the data from the system and import it into Power BI

B - I need to get some special authorization / access to the dataset (Which is highly unlikely)


Any other ideas are welcome 🙏




Super User
Super User

@Anonymous   You are supposed to use the prefilled "dataset"  dataframe, not fill your own.

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@lbendlin I know. That's the point of my question, the "prefilled dataset dataframe" is not loading by itself. Any idea what's the reason?




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