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Advocate II
Advocate II

Power BI add-in for PowerPoint is not refreshing after re-publishing the Power BI report

I have tried these various options (image below is screen shot from for the URL and have not found a way for the Add-In in PowerPoint to refresh after I re-publish the Power BI report.


If I refresh the PBI report (let's say I change the date range to include the most recent 4 quarters after a quarter closes).  The Add-in seems "sticky" - it keeps the old date range (previous set of 4 quarters) regardless of whether I choose Share, Export, or Address Bar as the source of the URL.  I have to use the "Clear Data" option to add the same URL again, and then I get the right result.


This means a whole lot of manual updating every quarter when the new data is available.  The MS article seems to indicate behavior should be otherwise, but that's not what is happening in practice.




Power BI Team
Power BI Team

hey @pstaggers ,

Have you consider using a relative date filter in your report? 



Regular Visitor

Facing the same issue.  Might as well copy and paste picture if we can't get a live update.  

Frequent Visitor

@pstaggers @v-henryk-mstf 
I am facing the exact same issue. 

I have a dashboard published to Power BI service. Using Powerpoint add-in, I am trying to use the dashboard in Powerpoint. Upon changing filters in Power BI service, I expect the powerpoint add-in should update the dashboard (either after restarting Powerpoint or after manually clicking refresh or reload in the add-in). However, it is not working.


Please let me know if you find a workaround.


I agree with your expectation for how it should work.  I have not yet found a workaround, but I'll share if I do find one.  

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @pstaggers ,


I can't reproduce your question for now. Can you provide a screenshot of the relevant operation steps and describe them so that I can answer your question as soon as possible?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


I'm getting the same issue, any solutions yet? seems to defeat the object of embedding the visual???

I added a filter to my report and expected it to show up, instead I'm having to delete and re-insert 

Hi #itcheyeballs, I have not seen a full resolution, but it does seem like the feature has gained some improvement since I first posted (more robust that at first).  I now use it with more confidence but still see this particular issue.  It is almost as if the URL itself is coded to the initial set of filters (and that by re-writing over that URL with the updated one you get the intended data).  I just tried it again with my data and got the same issue, so no, not resolved.


Also, I have noticed that when I have several slides, if I click into the first slide it goes out to update the PBI Add-in for that slide alone.  If I had the add-in on 10 slides, I have to go and click into each to get the updates to occur.  There do not appear to be controls for when/how the PPTX file updates the PBI info (other than manually forcing an update on each instance of the add-in).  Just opening the PPTX does not gather the latest PBI data.  Perhaps this too will get better with time.

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