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Newbie - Measure for my result?

Hi Guys


I still a developing PowerBi user to bear with me if my question is pretty straightforward.


The below picture depict my Data Model

Data Model


Below is the relationship for this model


Data Relationship


What im trying to achieve is to get the qty on hand for my selected supplier by orders as per below.




Any help will be appreciated.


Hi @AColeman


Could you try removing the relationship between Dim_StockCode and Fact_InvWareHouse first, and set cross filter direction to Both for the relationships between Fact_PorMasterDetail and Dim_Warehouse, and the relationship between Dim_Warehouse and Fact_InvWarehouse.


Then you should be able to drag the QtyOnHand column to your Table visual to get your expected result. Smiley Happy



This does not bring throug the qty on hand for the individual product it seems to bri g the summary value for all stock on hand as the figure displaying for each line is the same. Value of 339'881.25

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